The Fantasy Flavor Live Chat – Thursday Night 8 pm

September 08, 2010 | Thyrl Nelson

Just because the Fantasy Flavor is no longer on at WNST, it doesn’t mean that my enthusiasm for fantasy football has taken a hit. So here, in order to fill that void, we’re offering the Fantasy Flavor Live Game Chat. We’ll open up the Orange Crush / Purple Haze style chat room for a fantasy free for all during the Vikings and Saints game on Thursday night.


I’ll be there, with the usual WNST suspects, to offer fantasy advice while enjoying some Thursday night NFL and a pretty good college game too. Just in case you’re looking for answers on Thursday night starts, we’ll open the room at 8 o’clock, to give you plenty of time to make lineup changes if necessary.


Click the link below to join us beginning on Thursday night at 8 pm, and running throughout the game. Also check out some of the links below to join my groups in one of the great, free fantasy games that I’m playing elsewhere on the internet right now, including a salary cap fantasy football league. Join Me.



Fantasy Flavor Live Game Chat – Click Here




Here’s Where I’m Playing Right Now.



Gridiron Challenge at ESPN is a salary cap football game that allows you to change your entire lineup from week to week if you deem it necessary. Join my group.







ESPN’s Streak for the Cash is the safest way to gamble on the web. Compile the longest monthly winning streak for a chance at $25,000. Join My Group.

MLB’s Beat the Streak challenges you to pick one hitter per day and make a run at Joe DiMaggio’s all-time hitting streak for $3,000,000.  Also links to Beat the Homerun Streak and MLB Survivor. Join My Group.