The Fantasy Flavor Week 8 Football Start Rankings

October 28, 2010 | Thyrl Nelson

Here are the Fantasy Flavor “Formulary” Start Rankings for week 8. They’re based on 2-parts player expectations and 1-part defensive expectations based on their opponent, with adjustments made for injuries, changes in work load, anomalies and my gut. Each player’s “formulary” number (the lower the better) is in parentheses behind their match-up.


As always, keep an eye on the injury report, trust your gut, good luck and have fun. If you aren’t having fun playing fantasy football, you’re doing it wrong.


*Match-ups listed as @SF or vs. DEN are taking place in London this week. No adjustments have been made for inordinate travel or weather.

 RB       WR       TE       K       D/ST



1. Peyton Manning vs. HOU (3)

2. Aaron Rodgers @ NYJ (10)

3. Donavan McNabb @ DET (25)

4. Kyle Orton @ SF (26)

5. Phillip Rivers vs. SD (28)

6. Carson Palmer vs. MIA (30)

7. Brett Favre @ NE (30) *put Jackson around 14th if it’s him

8. Tom Brady vs. MIN (31)

9. Matt Schaub @ IND (31)

10. Drew Brees vs. PIT (32)

11. Jon Kitna vs. JAX (32)

12. Mark Sanchez vs. GB (33)

13. Ben Roethlisberger @ NO (33)

14. Matt Cassel vs. BUF (35)

15. Ryan Fitzpatrick @ KC (38)

16. Matthew Stafford vs. WAS (39)

17. Josh Freeman @ AZ (43)

18. Chad Henne @ CIN (43)

19. Matt Hasselbeck @ AK (48)

20. Troy Smith vs. DEN (49)

21. David Garrard @ DAL (49)

22. Bruce Gradkowski vs. SEA (58)

23. Sam Bradford vs. CAR (59)

24. Derek Anderson vs. TB (61)

25. Vince Young @ SD (62)

26. Matt Moore @ St.L (64)

RB       WR       TE       K       D/ST



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