The Green Ravens

July 22, 2008 |

I stood out today in Westminster, Maryland, as the young Baltimore Ravens get ready to make a splash in the NFL.

As Joe Flacco, Tavares Gooden, Ray Rice and other new Ravens took the field, I couldn’t help but look ahead at what type of impact these guys would be in the NFL.

While you cannot predict whether or not these guys will be All-Pro or All-Cellar, these are exciting times for a fan.

I remember watching JO and Ray Lewis grow up as rookies and into Hall of Fame performers. I don’t think any of us knew how good those guys were going to be. That’s the beauty of starting over, you never know.

So, while we sit here, debating over Boller, Smith or Flacco, and trying to figure out whether or not Ray Rice was worth the pick, the excitement of the unknown is what keeps us tuned in. It’s the television show that comes on once a week and haves you talking about it between episodes. It’s the NFL. The ultimate cliffhanger.