The Hall of Fame Debate

April 16, 2008 |

Here is the final installation of the three part Hall of Fame debate.

Today’s debate is the NFL. I saved the best for last. Again, think active players, so Brett Favre will not appear.

I’ve given 16 players who’ll go and five players who I don’t think will go. Let the debate begin.

– Tom Brady – Forget Super Bowl 42, he’s the best in the game.

– Jason Taylor – 117 total sacks. He may be a better football player than Strahan.

– Ray Lewis – The best linebacker. EVER.

– Jonathan Ogden – You won’t realize how great he still is until he retires

– Peyton Manning – The most dedicated quarterback in the games. Over 41,000 yards and 306 touchdowns.

– Marvin Harrison – If he doesn’t go, neither should Manning.

– LaDainain Tomlinson – Over 10,000 yards in only seven seasons. Best football player in the game.

– Michael Strahan – 141.5 sacks. Is there any debate?

– Donovan McNabb – A rare breed. The ability to drive his team is unmatched.

– Brian Urlacher – Should he go? No. Will he go? Yes.

– Isaac Bruce – Quietly put together a Hall of Fame career. 942 reception, 14,109 yards, and 84 touchdowns.

– Randy Moss – Do we really need to discuss this?

– Torry Holt – Has flourished in a wide open offense.

– Steve Hutchinson – The best at his position.

– Terrell Owens – I’m not a fan, but he’s dominant. Pencil him in for 80 receptions, 1000 yards, and 10 touchdowns.

– Edgerrin James – 11,607 yards, 418 receptions, and 88 touchdowns for a great offensive team.

Not Quite the Hall

– Zach Thomas – 12 years, only four seasons with 100 tackles or more.

– Chad Johnson – Very productive, but will his act wear thin?

– Steve McNair – Not sure if he’s done enough.

– Tedy Bruschi – Everyone loves Tedy, but he’s no Hall of Famer.

– Alan Faneca – Kills the Ravens, and is one of the best around. Not sure if he’s a HOFer.