The Joe Flacco Era

September 08, 2008 |

Joe Flacco started out his NFL career in amazing fashion yesterday but the city of Baltimore is going a little overboard with its praise for him. In listening to a couple of post game shows yesterday and a few different stations this morning I learned one thing that Flacco mania is running wild around the city but lets calm down a little bit.

First off he had this amazing game against the Bengals who aren’t exactly world beaters on defense. There is a reason Marvin Lewis is on the hot seat this season and it isn’t “Ocho Cinco.”

Also they had no game film on Flacco besides preseason games where nobody shows anything and college games. This reminds me of a rookie pitcher who comes up and dominates his first time through the league. Then when the opposing coaches and scouts get a look at him all of the sudden he comes crashing back down to earth.

I am not saying Flacco will do this but lets find out one way or the other before we start building another statue outside the stadium. Next week they play in Houston which will give Flacco his first road start in the NFL.

This will be another stepping stone for him and we will see what Houston can learn from this game film to use against him.

As for the defense yesterday. That was a great performance by them but what else can Raven fans expect if they are healthy.

If Flacco is still performing like this after week 7 or 8 I say go ahead Baltimore and sing his praises but until then lets just see what happens and hope the Ravens have finally made a good decision at quarterback.