The Ledge

March 12, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson



It’s becoming a running theme around here, but again it bears mentioning that ACC expansion has been an absolute failure. Not contented with being the best basketball conference in America, the ACC went about leveraging that accolade and attracting schools traditionally known as football powers to their ranks. The idea being that the incumbent members would help to boost the basketball credibility of the new comers and the football prowess of the newcomers would increase the conference’s football strength overall too. Instead the incoming members have all seemingly fallen off substantially in football since entering the ACC, and from a basketball perspective the ACC now routinely ranks behind the Big East (the conference they raided) and usually a few other conferences too. This year it’s arguable that the Mountain West is more viable in basketball as a whole than the ACC. Surely the BIG 10 and Big 12 have usurped the ACC. Now the conference is set to welcome a Syracuse team riddled in scandal that may or may not have Jim Boeheim at the time of their arrival (and remember the displeasure he voiced over the move) and Pitt, which just saw a difficult basketball season come to its merciful end. Neither looks to bring much from a football standpoint to the mix as it now appears we’re back to trying to strengthen the basketball end of things in the ongoing conference shell game.



Jets Fans


This time last week you were knee deep in Peyton Manning talk despite the presence of Mark Sanchez on your team, and now seemingly spurned in the Manning sweepstakes you’ve instead decided that your so sold on Sanchez that an extension is in order. The off-season so far has been riddled with accounts of division in the Jets locker room, resentment over Sanchez allegedly being coddled and criticism over never providing a credible backup to push Sanchez to perform. If you were on the fence about whether or not the Jets were coddling Sanchez so far, his new contract extension clearly seems to back up the hype, and Jets fans as a result have likely 5 more seasons of Sanchez to look forward to.



Tim Tebow


Tebow surely didn’t take much security from John Elway’s pseudo-endorsement of him as starting quarterback going into camp next season. Now however he absolutely has cause to wonder just whose camp he may be in period next season. Despite their success under Tebow, inexplicable as it may have been, the Broncos appear all in on the Manning sweepstakes, and probably ready to ship Tebow if it were to happen. I for one don’t see Manning landing in Denver, as they lack receiving talent, their defensive prowess was more legend than reality last season, they have a run blocking line and the neither weather nor altitude seem particularly attractive. I also however don’t see Elway and the Broncos cutting Tebow a 3-year “I’m sorry” extension a la Sanchez either. Tebow will likely go into the season just as he is now…the quarterback until further notice. Clearly though the Broncos are already envisioning their future without him and maybe his future elsewhere.