The Ravens Demise: PENALTIES!

December 27, 2009 |

Not just penalties, but costly ones. That’s really the story of the Ravens last year and even more so this year. John Harbaugh needs to address this as the number one priority. If you looked at the Ravens stats today against the Steelers, you’d a thought we won the dam game. Forget the throwing or catching errors, that happens to a lot of good teams. The Ravens penalties, when the game is on the line, have been atrocious for the last two years. John Harbaugh should have his staff make a 16 game highlight reel of every time we made a play in the fourth quarter on either side of the ball and it was negated by a penalty. Maybe then our beloved Ravens will understand that those clutch plays down the stretch to win games is the result of a well disciplined team. And making those clutch plays to win close games goes hand in hand with not making those costly penalties that lose them. When you’re a disciplined team, it gives you the ability to anticipate, as they say, “luck is when preparation meets opportunity” and we haven’t had luck on our side all year.