The Ravens’ QB Talk

July 18, 2008 |

The signing of Joe Flacco starts talks of, “Who’s gonna start at quarterback for the Ravens?”

Flacco’s confidence in his ability may cause the right kind of problems for the team. He seems to believe that he has what it takes to take over for the Ravens.

The question has been Boller or Smith for so long, that we haven’t seriously taken into consideration whether or not Flacco may beat both of those guys out. If so, does he start?

Many Ravens’ fans would say “no” to that because of the way Kyle Boller’s career has gone since he was handed the starting job as a rookie. The fear is that Flacco would be ruined under the pressure of learning how to be an NFL quarterback, on the field.

It’s been done before. There have been rookie quarterbacks who’ve turned out well after playing as rookies. We can’t allow fear of what happened with Boller dictate what’s best for Flacco and the current Baltimore Ravens. Maybe, Boller was a bad fit and that’s what happened. Maybe Boller starting as a rookie has nothing to do with where his progression stands.

I hope the coaching staff evaluates the quarterbacks on what happens in camp, and not on preconceived notions. If Flacco looks better than Smith and Boller, let him play. If not, sit him and let him learn.

By the way, Joe Flacco will be on the show today during the 3:00 hour. Happy Chicken Box Friday.