“The Reality Check” 2013 NFL season projections

September 04, 2013 | WNST Staff

NFC East
New York Giants 12-4 (#4 seed)
Washington Redskins 10-6
Dallas Cowboys 6-10
Philadelphia Eagles 3-13

NFC North
Green Bay Packers 13-3 (#3 seed)
Detroit Lions 8-8
Chicago Bears 7-9
Minnesota Vikings 5-11

NFC South
New Orleans Saints 14-2 (#1 seed)
Atlanta Falcons 12-4 (Wild Card 5 seed)
Carolina Panthers 5-11
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-13

NFC West
Seattle Seahawks 13-3 (#2 seed)
San Francisco 49ers 12-4 (Wild Card 6 seed)
St. Louis Rams 5-11
Arizona Cardinals 4-12

NFC Playoffs
Wild Card: #3 Green Bay Packers over #6 San Francisco 49ers, #5 Atlanta Falcons over #4 New York Giants
Divisional: #2 Seattle Seahawks over #3 Green Bay Packers, #5 Atlanta Falcons over #1 New Orleans Saints
NFC Championship Game: #5 Atlanta Falcons over #2 Seattle Seahawks

Super Bowl XLVIII: Atlanta Falcons over Cincinnati Bengals
NFL MVP: Drew Brees
Defensive Player of the Year: Aldon Smith
Offensive Rookie of the Year: DeAndre Hopkins
Defensive Rookie of the Year: Dion Jordan
Coach of the Year: Sean Payton

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  1. raz_la Says:

    From a Seahawks fan perspective………….

    Glenn says Packers over Seahawks in NFC Championship game, in Green Bay. I can see that.

    Ryan says the Falcons over the Seahawks in NFC Championship game,…..IN SEATTLE??? Are you kidding me? No way Seattle loses the NFC Championship game if it’s in Seattle. As a matter of fact, no way the Falcons even see the NFC Championship game unless they are watching it on FOX!

  2. jay Says:

    Defensive Player of the Year: Aldon Smith

    Aldon Smith may very well get suspended, so….maybe reconsider that one!

  3. BK Says:

    I know you guys have to do all the picks and take some risks/flyers here and there on teams, but the Bengals in the SB? Really? Sure, they could be a good team and even possibly win the division this year, but I cannot see them in the SB with all them being unproven still and all the good teams out there. I don’t even see them winning the division over the Ravens, but I understand the pick.

    Also, neither of you are giving SF any respect. A #6 and #5 seed and both of you picking them to lose in the first round? That’s nuts. B’more bias maybe? I think Seattle takes a step back this year and SF wraps up that division by week 14 or 15. Too many good breaks last year and everything came together for them. Good team, yes, but not taking that division from SF this year. Denver/SF, then it’s SF’s turn this year to win it all. Back to back Harbaugh SB wins!

    (Edit from Glenn: Perhaps, but their receiving corps concerns me-and I believe there’s a referendum on the read option this year.)

  4. BudIce05 Says:

    No way a dome team wins the frigid Jersey Super Bowl. Bengals would trounce the Falcons if that was the case but I don’t predict either of those teams playing in East Rutherford. Seattle vs New England (and I pray the Seahawks win!!)

  5. Ruben Says:

    The 49ers are a good solid playoff contender but they have their flaws. Their secondary that got lit up by the Ravens and to a lesser extent the Falcons is now minus All Pro safety Goodsen. The effectiveness of their front 7 is predicated on Aldon and Justin Smith having monster years, the latter is getting long in the tooth. Speaking of age, Frank Gore is another year older and when Boulden, great as he was in the playoffs is far and away Kapernick’s best receiving option, you’re in trouble.

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