“The Reality Check” Final Regular Season NFL Power Rankings

January 01, 2014 | Glenn Clark

16. Baltimore Ravens (15)

This doesn’t feel right.

15. New York Jets (20)

Good for Rex.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers (17)

13. Green Bay Packers (18)

The weakest playoff team as Aaron Rodgers as their quarterback.

12. San Diego Chargers (12)


11. Kansas City Chiefs (10)

Could they get two number one picks for Knile Davis?

10. New Orleans Saints (11)

Hard to like their chances in Philly.

9. Arizona Cardinals (6)

Damn fine season.

8. Philadelphia Eagles (9)

Dangerous. Like Darkwing Duck.

7. Cincinnati Bengals (8)

You want to say they have a chance, but then you remember they’re the Bengals.

6. Indianapolis Colts (7)

I still don’t think they have enough, but they have a shot.

5. New England Patriots (5)

The “favorite” to win the AFC?

4. Carolina Panthers (4)

Good for them. Will be a tough out.

3. San Francisco 49ers (3)

2. Seattle Seahawks (2)

Good luck, other NFC playoff teams.

1. Denver Broncos (1)

And if their quarterback was anyone other than (perhaps) the greatest of all time we’d think they were going to win the Super Bowl.

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