The Reality Check Final Regular Season NFL Power Rankings

January 04, 2012 | Glenn Clark

12. Denver Broncos (LW:  14)

Absolutely should NOT be playing a home game.

11. Houston Texans (LW:  11)

Would have been interesting to see them healthy.

10. Cincinnati Bengals (LW:  9)

No quality wins is noteworthy.

9. Detroit Lions (LW:  7)

They weren’t supposed to be rolled over by Matt Flynn though.

8. New York Giants (LW:  8)

Good timing for a big win.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (LW:  6)

If Ben Roethlisberger was 100% they’d get more credit from me.

6. Atlanta Falcons (LW:  10)

Just have a funny feeling about them.

5. Baltimore Ravens (LW:  5)

They desperately needed this.

4. San Francisco 49ers (LW:  4)

More dynamic than perhaps we give them credit for.

3. New England Patriots (LW:  3)

Blah blah blah defense stinks. Blah blah blah who exactly can defend Rob Gronkowski?

2. New Orleans Saints (LW:  2)

But this is a tough road.

1. Green Bay Packers (LW:  1)

Until proven otherwise.