“The Reality Check” Final Regular Season Power Rankings

January 02, 2013 | Glenn Clark

12. Minnesota Vikings (12)

If I was a Vikes fan, I would have selfishly preferred to see the record fall in a loss.

11. Cincinnati Bengals (11)

By all means, please go right ahead to Houston and beat the Texans.

10. Baltimore Ravens (9)

The Ravens are back in the postseason, but they didn’t bring their friend momentum.

9. Houston Texans (6)

What the hell has happened here?

8. Indianapolis Colts (10)

I’m concerned. That is all.

7. Washington Redskins (7)

They’re dangerous.

6. Atlanta Falcons (3)

I would bet against them making the Super Bowl, I just don’t know who I would bet on making it.

5. Green Bay Packers (2)

I’d still find them capable of ending up in New Orleans.

4. San Francisco 49ers (8)

Not as many doubters as a year ago.

3. Seattle Seahawks (4)

Everyone in the NFC is thankful the Hawks can’t stay at home.

2. New England Patriots (5)

It’d be awfully nice to add a Gronkowski for the postseason.

1. Denver Broncos (1)

I assume they win the Super Bowl.

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