“The Reality Check” preseason quarterback/head coach rankings

August 29, 2013 | Glenn Clark

With the NFL season starting next week, we’ll be starting our weekly power rankings. In the meantime, we decided this week that we would power rank NFL quarterbacks and head coaches going into the 2013 season. We’ll start with head coaches…

Glenn Clark’s Rankings…

32. Doug Marrone

He had limited success at the college level. Perhaps I’ll be wrong.

31. Rob Chudzinski

He had limited success as a coordinator. Perhaps I’ll be wrong.

30. Gus Bradley

He had decent success as a defensive coordinator. hard to imagine it translating with the talent in Jacksonville.

29. Mike McCoy

He had decent success as an offensive coordinator. There’s a possibility that could translate in San Diego.

28. Marc Trestman

Ranks higher than some other first year coaches because of his history with quarterbacks. That matters.

27. Chip Kelly

Among the new coaches, he’s the guy that makes you think “maybe this could be special.”

26. Ron Rivera

There’s a distinct “less with more” feeling with Rivera.

25. Dennis Allen

And with Allen it’s a “less with less” feeling.

24. Joe Philbin

He’s got a great chance to move up this list in 2013.

23. Mike Munchak

It’s hard to judge the man whose quarterback is Jake Locker.

22. Greg Schiano

I don’t know if I should make more of the Bucs’ respectable seven wins or their late struggles.

21. Jason Garrett

But in fairness, the job isn’t easy.

20. Bruce Arians

We’ll find out much more this year.

19. Chuck Pagano

And we’ll find out much more this year.

18. Jim Schwartz

He clearly needs a bounce back year. I cannot eliminate what he did in bringing the Lions out of the doldrums.

17. Rex Ryan

I know how messy it is. He also made two AFC title games. Hard to differentiate the two.

16. Leslie Frazier

But if not for his running back…

15. Pete Carroll

While one season does not make a career, it does make a trend up.

14. Marvin Lewis

There have been ups and downs, but back to back playoff appearances and a strong team returning.

13. John Fox

I know he’s been to a Super Bowl. He’s also failed to return in what is now nearly a decade.

12. Gary Kubiak

He’s done so much in Houston. He just still has to prove he can finish the job.

11. Mike Smith

I’m not without my doubts.

10. Andy Reid

But don’t tell anyone in Philadelphia I said that.

9. Jeff Fisher

I hold Jeff Fisher in an unbelievably high regard. So sue me. (Actually, don’t. Please.)

8. Mike Shanahan

Has a guy with two Super Bowl wins ever needed a playoff season more?

7. Jim Harbaugh

There’s no doubting the little brother can coach.

6. Sean Payton

He does get penalized for Bountygate, yes.

5. Mike McCarthy

Cities don’t let you live off Super Bowl wins forever. Signed, Brian Billick.

4. John Harbaugh

You’re going to hate seeing who I have at #3.

3. Mike Tomlin

I just ducked.

2. Bill Belichick

Three Super Bowls, but also coming up on a decade since winning one.

1. Tom Coughlin

He probably should have taken over this spot a year ago.

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