“The Reality Check” preseason quarterback/head coach rankings

August 29, 2013 | Glenn Clark

Ryan Chell’s head coach rankings

32. Rob Chudzinski

He knows Cleveland. Which means he’ll probably know disappointment.

31. Doug Marrone

At least he didn’t have to travel far for his job…

30 Chip Kelly

Let’s see if his offense translates to the NFL.

29. Marc Trestman

Does have a long NFL resume-just not as a head coach. Came over from the CFL.

28. Mike McCoy

Should have some success working with Philip Rivers. Won a playoff game tutoring Tim Tebow.

27. Gus Bradley

Grabbing a bunch of his former Seahawks players and bringing them back east.

26. Dennis Allen

I’m so sorry Dennis…you’ll get your first NFL coaching job soon.

25. Ron Rivera


24. Mike Munchak

The coach-in-waiting from the Jeff Fisher might be waiting to be a coach after this season.

23. Joe Philbin

Gets rid of Chad Ocho Cinco as well as the rest of them…

22. Jason Garrett

There is the “Jerry Curve”, but any second thoughts about that Ravens job?

21. Leslie Frazier

Needs to keep winning to appease his players.

20. Gary Kubiak

What have the Texans done lately over than lose early in the playoffs?

19. Jim Schwartz

A savior for bringing Detroit out of mediocrity, but remember Jesus Christ was rejected too…

18. Bruce Arians

A downfield coordinator turned head coach has to get something out of Carson Palmer.

17. Greg Schiano

Their collapse is noted from last year, but is capable of getting the most out of his players.

16. Chuck Pagano

Colts made the right choice…

15. Rex Ryan

One of the best defensive minds in the game, but until his offensive choices and manner improve, still not going to be elite.

14. Pete Carroll

Didn’t this guy suck with the Patriots?

13. Mike Shanahan

Name something he’s done without John Elway. I’ll wait.

12. Andy Reid

Philly’s going to miss him.

11. Marvin Lewis

I went to Cincy recently and couldn’t find the statue they were supposed to build for him there…

10. John Fox

He’ll get to another Super Bowl…

9. Jeff Fisher

What he did with the Rams last year was insane.

8. Mike Smith

Has done nothing but win since he took over the job in Atlanta. Brought consistency to a place that lost it after Michael Vick.

7. Jim Harbaugh

He’ll win one.

6. John Harbaugh

He’ll win another.

5. Mike McCarthy

Higher than John Harbaugh cause he’s an offensive coach and calls the plays.

4. Mike Tomlin

You love to hate him, but boy is he good.

3. Sean Payton

Ask Drew Brees or any of the Saints players if they missed him.

2.Tom Coughlin

Helped revive two franchises and lifted them up.

1. Bill Belichick

Unless he goes 4-12 three straight years, he’s not moving.

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