“The Reality Check” preseason quarterback/head coach rankings

August 29, 2013 | Glenn Clark

Glenn’s quarterback rankings

32. Terrelle Pryor (or Matt Flynn)

I’m basing this off the average of the duo…which isn’t good.

31. EJ Manuel (or Jeff Tuel)

Tuel would clearly be #32, but Manuel will be back. When he is, he might be #32 anyway.

30. Blaine Gabbert

Hey…he won a quarterback competition.

29. Jake Locker

Has the distinction of being better (maybe) than Blaine Gabbert.

28. Mark Sanchez (or Geno Smith)

Or Greg McElroy.

27. Brandon Weeden

Wants you to not care about his age. Clearly that’s not an option.

26. Christian Ponder

Hands the ball off REALLY well.

25. Josh Freeman

Not as much a believer anymore as some.

24. Ryan Tannehill

May or may not have a breakout year ahead.

23. Sam Bradford

This is going to sound crazy for a guy I’m ranking 23rd, but I really do think he has a breakout year ahead.

22. Michael Vick

He used to be REALLY good. He could still be good.

21. Carson Palmer

He used to be good. He could still be good.

20. Philip Rivers

Something about how he used to be good too.

19. Alex Smith

Really hard to get a feel for him, isn’t it?

18. Jay Cutler

Sometimes he’s much better.

17. Tony Romo

Sometimes he’s much better.

16. Andy Dalton

I have my doubts.

15. Matthew Stafford

He throws the ball to a cyborg.

14. Cam Newton

I rank him higher than a lot of people do because I’m amazed by his physical ability.

13. Matt Schaub

I don’t think he deserves to be ahead of the second year phenoms.

12. Robert Griffin III

If not for the injuries, he might top the group.

11. Russell Wilson

Size matters, just not as much as you’d think.

10. Andrew Luck

He plays indoors. I don’t dismiss that.

9. Colin Kaepernick

A special talent.

8. Matt Ryan

He looks really good always.

7. Ben Roethlisberger

Injuries cannot be dismissed.

6. Peyton Manning

The guy that played in the postseason was not a Top 5 quarterback.

5. Joe Flacco

The guy that played in the postseason might have been a Top 3 quarterback.

4. Eli Manning

I respect him much more than others do.

3. Drew Brees

He’s still worthy of this type of recognition.

2. Tom Brady

He’s not getting younger.

1. Aaron Rodgers

He’s not getting worse.

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