“The Reality Check” Week 1 NFL Power Rankings

September 05, 2012 | Glenn Clark

Glenn Clark’s Rankings:

32. Cleveland Browns (FINAL 2011 Ranking 29)

Best case: Weeden and Richardson thrive, Browns are at least competitive
Worst case: Folks in Cleveland clamoring to draft new QB to replace soon to be 30 year old

31. Indianapolis Colts (31)

Best case: Luck and Pagano are next Flacco and Harbaugh, Sanchez and Ryan
Worst case: Rookie QB can’t fix everything

30. Washington Redskins (27)

Best case: RG3 plus solid defense equals better than expected
Worst case: Redskins football is still Redskins football

29. Arizona Cardinals (20)

Best case: Skelton or Kolb solidifies QB position, keeps Cards in NFC West race
Worst case: QB’s are so bad David Gerrard comes to Phoenix

28. Miami Dolphins (23)

Best case: Tannehill is real deal, Dolphins are interesting for more than just TV show
Worst case: Cutting Chad Johnson becomes only highlight of Phins’ season

27. Seattle Seahawks (21)

Best case: Russell Wilson as good as advertised, Seahawks are surprise of NFC
Worst case: There was a reason the guy was available in the 3rd round

26. Jacksonville Jaguars (26)

Best case: Gabbert to Blackmon is new Brunell to McCardell
Worst case: No progress from Gabbert, MJD holdout concerns linger into regular season

25. St. Louis Rams (32)

Best case: Bradford legit, Fisher brings credibility
Worst case: Still not enough weapons for Bradford, health issues remain

24. Minnesota Vikings (29)

Best case: Ponder develops, Peterson bounces back, Jared Allen still dominant
Worst case: “Ponder” goes in dictionary with definition “significant NFL Draft reach”

23. New York Jets (19)

Best case: Rex knew something we didn’t about Tebow
Worst case: Somehow Greg McElroy is best option under center

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (30)

Best case: Doug Martin solidifies offense, Bucs show signs of two years ago
Worst case: “The Lightning are going to play this season, right?”

21. Oakland Raiders (16)

Best case: Dennis Allen better than we realized, Carson Palmer returns to form
Worst case: Group of talented players does not equal very good team

20. Tennessee Titans (17)

Best case: Jake Locker ready for primetime, Chris Johnson bounces back
Worst case: Jake Locker not ready for primetime, Chris Johnson doesn’t bounce back

19. Dallas Cowboys (15)

Best case: Romo finally silences doubters by finishing games
Worst case: Cowboys exactly like every other season with Romo under center

18. San Diego Chargers (13)

Best case: This is finally the year everyone stops calling for Norv Turner’s head
Worst case: Chargers underperform and Turner stays…again

17. Carolina Panthers (24)

Best case: Cam Newton a legitimate MVP candidate
Worst case: Still not enough defense for it to matter

16. Buffalo Bills (25)

Best case: Healthy Fred Jackson and Mario Williams combine to keep Bills near top of AFC East
Worst case: Ryan Fitzpatrick wasn’t worth the money

15. Kansas City Chiefs (22)

Best case: Health issues aren’t a factor, KC reminiscent of 2010
Worst case: Matt Cassel just not enough to compete against Manning, Rivers, Palmer in AFC West

14. Philadelphia Eagles (14)

Best case: Michael Vick
Worst case: Koy Detmer?

13. Detroit Lions (9)

Best case: Lions build off of successful 2011
Worst case: Stafford injury questions haven’t gone away

12. Atlanta Falcons (6)

Best case: Falcons become Super Bowl contender we’ve assumed they would be for last 3 years
Worst case: 4th and 1 hangover lingers

11. Pittsburgh Steelers (7)

Best case: They have Ben Roethlisberger. How bad can they be?
Worst case: Todd Haley and Ben Roethlisberger have a legitimate fist fight before every game