“The Reality Check” Week 1 NFL Power Rankings

September 05, 2012 | Glenn Clark

Ryan Chell’s Rankings
1. Packers (15-1); I think they are even better with Cedric Benson. It gives them the ability to run the ball and take pressure off their defense.

2. Patriots (13-3); Tom Brady has Rob Gronkowski. And more weapons.

3. Giants (9-7); They are the Super Bowl champs.

4. 49ers (13-3); Are a couple Giants FA acquisitions (Brandon Jacobs, Mario Manningham) enough to put them over the top offensively?

5. Saints (13-3); Who cares who is coaching this team? If Drew Brees was suspended for the year…then I would lose faith.

6. Texans (10-6); The Texans are playing with a full deck with Matt Schaub healthy again.

7. Ravens (12-4); The Ravens cut ties with the two guys who “lost” them the AFC Championship game. But does Suggs’ loss hurt their chances of making it there again?

8. Lions (10-6); Jim Schwartz: “Matt Stafford…here’s our gameplan this week..”; Stafford: “Yes Coach?”; Schwartz: “Throw it to Calvin Johnson.”

9. Steelers (12-4); This team will likely suffer without a running game for the first half of the season.

10. Falcons (10-6); Julio Jones I believe is surpassing Roddy White as Matt Ryan’s favorite target.

11. Eagles (8-8); As much as I hate Michael Vick, this team needs him healthy. He had more injuries than completed passes in the preseason.

12. Broncos (8-8); This team was 8-8 with a guy who couldn’t throw a ball. What will they be with a first ballot HOF QB?

13. Cowboys (8-8); I wish the Cowboys would either be really good or really bad…

14. Bears (8-8); I like the moves the Bears made in the off-season. Jay Cutler is the only guy in the world who can get along with Brandon Marshall…

15. Bengals (9-7); I think Andy Dalton takes his game to the next level…

16. Chargers (8-8); Ryan Matthews has to come back healthy.

17. Panthers (6-10); Panthers have a good formula with a rising athletic star QB in Cam Newton and a potential three-headed monster combo with Stewart, Williams, and Tolbert.

18. Titans (9-7); Kenny Britt was on a tear last season before his knee did the same.

19. Bills (6-10); This team nose-dived when Fred Jackson got hurt last year. And they did go out and get Mario Williams…

20. Seahawks (7-9); Russell Wilson in the preseason played like he had been in the league for several years. The Seahawks just need a QB who can make a few throws and not screw up.

21. Chiefs (7-9); Jamaal Charles coming back helps his team immensely. Peyton Hillis is motivated leaving the dump known as Cleveland.

22. Cardinals (8-8); Who is the QB?

23. Jets (8-8); Mark Sanchez is dating Eva Longoria, who is 12+ years his elder…just so you know.

24. Redskins (5-11); If RG3 stinks, this team is going to be effed for the next three years at least…

25. Raiders (8-8); Gregg Rosenthal from NFL.com said that Dennis Allen was one of the best coaches in the league. He wins with this team, I’ll anoint him Coach of Eternity.

26. Colts (2-14); Their problem last year was Curtis Painter. Andrew Luck is not Curtis Painter.

27. Bucs (4-12); I think some of the moves they made (Carl Nicks, Vincent Jackson) are just masking the fact that this team stinks.

28. Dolphins (6-10); Ryan Tannehill might actually be a good QB down the road. Too bad now he has no one to throw to.

29. Rams (2-14); I want to see Jeff Fisher win with this team. If anyone can, he will. He won with Kerry Collins as his QB…

30. Jaguars (5-11); Thank God MJD came back…we’ll see how long Rashad Jennings is the starter. I say a series…

31. Vikings (3-13); The Vikings are winning games this season? Don’t be silly Adrian Peterson…

32. Browns (4-12); This team consists of mostly rookies; one of which is your QB who is approaching 30.

Ryan’s postseason picks:

AFC Division Winners: New England, Cincinnati, Houston, Denver.
AFC Wild Cards: Baltimore, Tennessee.

NFC Division Winners: New York, Green Bay, New Orleans, San Francisco.
NFC  Wild Cards: Atlanta, Detroit.

Super Bowl XLVII: Houston 27, San Francisco 20.