“The Reality Check” Week 1 NFL Power Rankings

September 03, 2013 | Glenn Clark

Glenn Clark’s Rankings…

32. Oakland Raiders

But their quarterback MIGHT be fun to watch.

31. New York Jets

But they might be hilariously funny to watch.

30. Buffalo Bills

EJ Manuel is back at practice, potentially robbing us of Tuel Time. Unacceptable.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars

If you have Jags on your fantasy football team, you probably drafted wrong.

28. Cleveland Browns

Paul Kruger vs. Dannell Ellerbe Week 1. So there’s that.

27. Tennessee Titans

Remember when the internet traded Kenny Britt to the Baltimore Ravens?

26. Detroit Lions

Reggie Bush could be one of the more significant X-factors in the league this season.

25. Arizona Cardinals

I’m probably giving Carson Palmer too much credit at this point in his career.

24. San Diego Chargers

You guys remember when they were an AFC power?

23. Carolina Panthers

They have to break out at SOME point with Cam Newton as QB, don’t they?

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I honestly don’t know why I would think they were good.

21. Philadelphia Eagles

There’s really a chance this all works out.

20. St. Louis Rams

Probably better than anyone realizes. Including me

19. Miami Dolphins

Why do I feel so strongly about them?

18. Minnesota Vikings

Sometimes there’s a man.

17. Chicago Bears

Could you imagine a healthy Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall for an entire season?

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