“The Reality Check” Week 1 NFL Power Rankings

September 03, 2013 | Glenn Clark

16. Dallas Cowboys

The middle of this list might as well be NAMED after the Dallas Cowboys.

15. Kansas City Chiefs

I like them a lot. I’m not the only one.

14. Washington Redskins

Have you guys heard anything about Robert Griffin III recently?

13. Indianapolis Colts

I don’t love their pieces but I do love their chances.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers

I have to see it to believe it.

11. New Orleans Saints

You guys remember the Saints?

10. New York Giants

You want to bet against them winning the Super Bowl?

9. Cincinnati Bengals

I wonder if anyone will pick them to win the AFC North?

8. New England Patriots

With stars like Kenbrell Thompkins and Zach Sudfield.

7. Atlanta Falcons

Are we sure the Steven Jackson thing still works?

6. Baltimore Ravens

But they’d be 7th without Marlon Brown.

5. Denver Broncos

Tell Von Miller we’ll miss him.

4. Houston Texans

I have a funny feeling they might be on the cusp.

3. San Francisco 49ers

I’d feel more strongly about them with Michael Crabtree.

2. Seattle Seahawks

Shame no one’s talking about them.

1. Green Bay Packers 

You guys remember they have Aaron Rodgers?

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