“The Reality Check” Week 11 NFL Power Rankings

November 13, 2013 | Glenn Clark

16. Cleveland Browns (18)

A win away from being a major factor in the division.

15. Chicago Bears (14)

The reason why the quarterback doesn’t matter is because all of the plays say “throw it to the big guy”.

14. Philadelphia Eagles (20)

A MAJOR opportunity to finally win a home game.

13. Dallas Cowboys (10)

But with Tony Romo on bye I could probably pick up…I dunno…Jeff Tuel?

12. Arizona Cardinals (17)

I’m baffled.

11. Cincinnati Bengals (9)

Still very Bengals-like.

10. New York Jets (13)

They won’t stay here.

9. Detroit Lions (11)

More of a Super Bowl threat than people want to admit.

8. San Francisco 49ers (5)

Less of a Super Bowl threat than they want to admit.

7. Indianapolis Colts (3)

Griff Whalen-still a thing.

6. Carolina Panthers (8)

A win away from being added to the Super Bowl contenders pile.

5. New England Patriots (6)

Why did we ever doubt?

4. New Orleans Saints (7)

Nice to see Darren Sproles is back from injury nothing.

3. Denver Broncos (4)

And if the MRI had said something different they would have just outlawed all MRI’s in the Mile High City.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (2)

Any big games coming up?

1. Seattle Seahawks (1)


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