“The Reality Check” Week 12 NFL Power Rankings

November 20, 2013 | Glenn Clark

16. Pittsburgh Steelers (21)

They might win nine games too.

15. New York Jets (10)

They will not win nine games.

14. Chicago Bears (15)

So does Jay Cutler even come back?

13. Dallas Cowboys (13)

Hadn’t they buried the Giants at one point?

12. Philadelphia Eagles (14)

Certainly still questions about the defense.

11. Arizona Cardinals (12)

Massive test against Indy.

10. Detroit Lions (9)

Should’ve been clinching the division by now.

9. San Francisco 49ers (8)

Practically a cross country bye?

8. Cincinnati Bengals (11)

Did a lot of good before their bye.

7. New England Patriots (5)

Start working on flopping practice.

6. Indianapolis Colts (7)

Still can’t run the ball.

5. Kansas City Chiefs (2)

Order restored.

4. Carolina Panthers (6)

For reals.

3. New Orleans Saints (4)

Won’t get calls like that every week.

2. Denver Broncos (3)

The AFC was theirs to win last year, too.

1. Seattle Seahawks (1)

Still cruising.

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  1. Kolo Jezdec Says:

    C’mon Ryan! The Steelers 4 spots below the Ravens? You do know the Ravens are 2-4 over the past 6 games and the Steelers are 4-2? And I seem to recall the Ravens lost that game on October 20th. Not sure the Steelers deserve to be 4 spots higher than the Ravens (as Glenn has them), but 4 spots lower?

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