The Reality Check Week 13 NFL Power Rankings

November 30, 2011 | Glenn Clark

16. Detroit Lions (LW:  7)

It’s hard to imagine things getting easier without Ndamukong Suh.

15. New York Giants (LW:  11)

Awful performance on Monday Night Football. Just awful.

14. New York Jets (LW:  15)

That was big Sunday.

13. Denver Broncos (LW:  16)

That has to be a mistake.

12. Atlanta Falcons (LW:  12)

I’m impressed with how they’ve hung in after Mike Smith’s gaffe against the Saints.

11. Chicago Bears (LW:  9)

Winning games with Caleb Hanie will not just be easy.

10. Houston Texans (LW:  8)

Did you think you’d see the words “Jake Delhomme” and “#1 seed in the AFC” in the same sentence this season?

9. Cincinnati Bengals (LW:  13)

AJ Green’s skill frightens me.

8. Oakland Raiders (LW:  10)

Or “the team that was fortunate enough to have their quarterback hurt first”.

7. Dallas Cowboys (LW:  14)

The most likely impostor in the Top 10.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (LW:  6)

They just.won’t.go.away.

5. San Francisco 49ers (LW:  2)

Let’s not forget they had to travel across the country for a Thursday night game.

4. Baltimore Ravens (LW:  5)

They still have work to do to hold on to the AFC North title.

3. New England Patriots (LW:  4)

The three teams at the time are the three teams with the best quarterbacks.

2. New Orleans Saints (LW:  3)

There’s a chance they’re scoring 80 one of these weeks.

1. Green Bay Packers (LW:  1)

You were expecting?