“The Reality Check” Week 16 NFL Power Rankings

December 18, 2013 | Glenn Clark

16. Green Bay Packers (18)

One day Aaron Rodgers is coming back. The next he isn’t. The next he is. The next no. And you say Brett Favre wasn’t a good mentor.

15. San Diego Chargers (17)

Would be VERY dangerous if they got in.

14. Chicago Bears (16)

I’m sure the whole Cutler/McCown thing won’t be an issue again this season though. I’m sure.

13. Philadelphia Eagles (9)

Hi Philadelphia, this is Earth.

12. Miami Dolphins (14)

Win out and they’re in.

11. Indianapolis Colts (13)

Do not seem particularly dangerous and they will be in.

10. Baltimore Ravens (12)


9. Cincinnati Bengals (7)

About right.

8. Arizona Cardinals (10)

Eighth best team in football…could very well miss postseason.

7. New Orleans Saints (4)

What the what?

6. New England Patriots (3)

In danger of a freefall.

5. Kansas City Chiefs (8)

Thankfully for guys like me facing Jamaal Charles and their defense this week, they don’t get to play the Raiders again.

4. Carolina Panthers (6)

In great shape.

3. San Francisco 49ers (5)

Well whaddya know?

2. Denver Broncos (1)

I think they’re still the second best team in football. I THINK they are.

1. Seattle Seahawks (2)

The beat goes on.

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