The Reality Check Week 17 NFL Power Rankings

December 27, 2012 | Glenn Clark

Ryan Chell’s Rankings… 

32. Kansas City Chiefs (2-13); LW-32

If only this team had a quarterback…

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-13); LW-31

It’s a shame Cecil Shorts III’s season had to come to an end…

30. Oakland Raiders (4-11); LW-30

Unless you’re a Matt Leinart fan, don’t even bother watching these guys in Week 17.

29. Arizona Cardinals (5-10); LW-29

Ken Whisenhunt probably will get axed…

28. Philadelphia Eagles (4-11); LW-28

Hopefully they win and send Andy Reid off as a winner…

27. Detroit Lions (4-11); LW-22

Hey! They suck on Saturday too!

26. Tennessee Titans (5-10); LW-27

Titans might want to look at other QB options in April’s draft…

25. Buffalo Bills (5-10); LW-26

Another team that might want to take a QB behind Ryan Fitzpatrick.

24. New York Jets (6-9); LW-25

And now you’ve gone and made Tim Tebow mad…

23. Cleveland Browns (5-10); LW-23

Apparently new management and ownership isn’t sold on Brandon Weeden. And it begins again…

22. Carolina Panthers (6-9); LW-24

At least they have Cam Newton as an intriguing piece for the next coach…

21. San Diego Chargers (6-9); LW-20

Norv Turner’s phone will blow up at 8PM Sunday night…

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-9); LW-18

What happened to them?

19. St. Louis Rams (7-7-1); LW-20

If they would have had this good of a season two years ago, they would have won the division.

18. Miami Dolphins (7-8); LW-19

Interested to see what they do next year.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-8); LW-16

Ben Roethlisberger was the goat for another game in a row. And this team is going to be vastly different the next two seasons due to the salary cap.

16. New Orleans Saints (7-8); LW-17

A .500 record would mean a lot to this team going into the off-season.

15. New York Giants (8-7); LW-14

Need a lot to happen, and if it did, would you be surprised if they were in New Orleans at the end of the year?

14. Chicago Bears (9-6); LW-15

Ended a three-game losing streak at the wrong time.

13. Dallas Cowboys (8-7); LW-13

Tony Romo in a big game?

12. Minnesota Vikings (9-6); LW-10

Adrian Peterson has tough sledding to get to the record. So does the entire team to win and get in vs. GB.

11. Cincinnati Bengals (9-6); LW-12

They are on a roll, but can stop at any minute.

10. Indianapolis Colts (10-5); LW-9

Bruce Arians deserves head coaching consideration in the offseason.

9. Baltimore Ravens (10-5); LW-11

They’re back. For now. Getting guys back healthy would be huge.

8. Washington Redskins (9-6); LW-8

This week’s game against the Cowboys is for all the marbles…(I need to say that again to believe it)

7. San Francisco 49ers (10-4-1); LW-5

Remember when they creamed the Patriots a few weeks ago? Neither do I…

6. Seattle Seahawks (10-5); LW-7

They’re embarrassing teams.

5. Houston Texans (12-3); LW-3

Can’t believe people are saying they WANT to play Houston in the playoffs.

4. Atlanta Falcons (13-2); LW-4

Interesting to see how far they go in the playoffs…

3. Green Bay Packers (11-4); LW-6

Look kids! Ryan Grant is back!

2. New England Patriots (11-4); LW-2

Have every reason to play their starters in Week 17.

1 Denver Broncos (12-3); LW-1

Even if they don’t get the top seed in the conference, the AFC Title goes through Denver.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…