“The Reality Check” Week 17 NFL Power Rankings

December 25, 2013 | Glenn Clark

16. Chicago Bears (14)

The only way it could have been more embarrassing is if it happened at home like some other team I know.

15. Baltimore Ravens (10)

Oh yeah.

14. Dallas Cowboys (17)

Kyle Orton/Jon Kitna is the saddest duo ever. Not quarterback duo. ANYTHING duo.

13. Miami Dolphins (12)

Incredibly fortunate to not fall further.

12. San Diego Chargers (15)

But yet the longest shot to get in.

11. New Orleans Saints (7)

They just need a win.

10. Kansas City Chiefs (5)

Not really all that surprising.

9. Philadelphia Eagles (13)

Is there ANY chance they lose to Kyle Orton? I mean, there definitely isn’t, right?

8. Cincinnati Bengals (9)

Please be thinking ahead to the playoffs. PLEASE.

7. Indianapolis Colts (11)

That was a freaking huge statement.

6. Arizona Cardinals (8)

And they’re almost certainly going to miss out.

5. New England Patriots (6)

So…yeah didn’t we see that coming the whole time?

4. Carolina Panthers (4)

Pretty freaking massive.

3. San Francisco 49ers (3)

Emotional. I guess. I don’t really know but I’m sure it was.

2. Seattle Seahawks (1)

It happens.

1. Denver Broncos (2)

And Brandon Marshall is a nice pickup. Like their offense wasn’t already loaded. Wait, what’s that?