“The Reality Check” Week 17 NFL Power Rankings

December 25, 2013 | Glenn Clark

Ryan Chell’s Rankings…

32. Houston Texans (2-13; LW-32)

Would be HILARIOUS if they took Derek Carr with the first pick…

31. Washington Redskins (3-12; LW-31)

Might not even get the 4th round pick back they spent on Kirk Cousins…

30. Oakland Raiders (4-11; LW-30)

Who plays QB this week? They should make a game of it…

29. Minnesota Vikings (4-10-1; LW-31)

Playing better, but not enough to save Leslie Frazier.

28. Atlanta Falcons (4-11; LW-28)

Didn’t lay down against the Niners…

27. Cleveland Browns (4-10; LW-27)

Only here are they used to losing 10 of their last 11 games.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-11; LW-26)

Back to hating Greg Schiano…

25. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-11; LW-25)

Jacksonville. So bad, they lose at the #1 pick.

24. Buffalo Bills (6-9; LW-24)

Thad Lewis won an NFL game. Let that sink in.

23. Tennessee Titans (6-9; LW-22)

Buy one seat, get 10 free for their finale against the Texans.

22. New York Giants (6-9, LW-21)

Tom Coughlin’s going to have them playing till the end…

21. New York Jets (7-8; LW-23)

Hoping to play spoiler against the Lions and send Rex Ryan off with a win…

20. Detroit Lions (7-8; LW-16)

Hey Jim Schwartz, if you help me move into my apartment, I’ll help you move out of your office. Deal?

19. St. Louis Rams (7-8; LW-20)

Can’t wait to see them next year.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-8; LW-19)

Didn’t we proclaim them dead a month ago?

17. Dallas Cowboys (7-7; LW-17)

Romo wins game-get hurt.

16. San Diego Chargers (8-7; LW-18)

Need some help to play in January, but they should look at this season as a success.

15. Green Bay Packers (7-7-1; LW-15)

Clay Matthews ruled out for the finale against Chicago.

14. Miami Dolphins (8-7; LW-11)

Dolphins could not have had a worse time to have Tannehill get hurt…

13. Baltimore Ravens (8-7; LW-10)

Need one of SD or Miami to lose. Or Joe Flacco can heal his knee in January.

12. Chicago Bears (8-7; LW-14)

I don’t know this team at all.

11 Indianapolis Colts (10-5; LW-13)

Big win against the Chiefs on Sunday. Showed they can still be a factor in all this.

10.  Cincinnati Bengals (10-5); LW-12

Thought they would be in this position at the beginning of the season.

9. Philadelphia Eagles (9-6; LW-9)

With Tony Romo’s injury, can chisel their name into the NFC East championship trophy.

8.Arizona Cardinals (10-5; LW-8)

May miss the playoffs after beating Seattle IN Seattle. It’s almost not fair.

7. New Orleans Saints (10-5; LW-4)

Where do they look at this season if they miss the playoffs?

6. Kansas City Chiefs (11-4; LW-3)

No reason to play their starters against San Diego…

5. San Francisco 49ers (11-4; LW-7)

Dangerous no matter where they end up in the playoffs…

4. New England Patriots (11-4, LW-6)

Beat goes on with Tom Brady…

3. Carolina Panthers (11-4; LW-5)

Steve Smith isn’t a gamechanger, but he’s their lone offensive weapon. His absence in the playoffs could be a death sentence.

2. Denver Broncos (12-3; LW-2)

Von Miller’s injury does hurt them…

1. Seattle Seahawks (12-3; LW-1)

Still king of the castle…

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…