The Reality Check Week 17 NFL Power Rankings

December 28, 2011 | Glenn Clark


16. New York Jets (LW:  13)

Let the Peyton Manning rumors begin.

15. Tennessee Titans (LW:  19)

Still alive. Sorta.

14. Denver Broncos (LW:  11)

Suddenly the team EVERYONE wants to face in the postseason.

13. Dallas Cowboys (LW:  12)

Wouldn’t stun me to see them win at MetLife Stadium. Would stun me to see them win in the postseason.

12. Oakland Raiders (LW:  17)

Suddenly the team no one wants to play in the playoffs.

11. Houston Texans (LW:  7)

Do you REALLY start thinking about Jake Delhomme or Jeff Garcia?

10. Atlanta Falcons (LW:  9)

Hard to still think of them as any sort of “sleeper.”

9. Cincinnati Bengals (LW:  15)

I hope AJ Green isn’t much healthier.

8. New York Giants (LW:  14)

I’ll assume they win, but I still don’t think much of them.

7. Detroit Lions (LW:  10)

Looking more and more dangerous each week.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (LW:  6)

Even Charlie Batch can beat St. Louis.

5. Baltimore Ravens (LW:  5)

Injuries are a MAJOR concern.

4. San Francisco 49ers (LW:  3)

That was an impressive win.

3. New England Patriots (LW:  4)

I don’t care about their defense.

2. New Orleans Saints (LW:  2)

Going to SF and GB in back to back weeks is potentially quite daunting.

1. Green Bay Packers (LW:  1)

Aaron Rodgers could throw 5 TD’s every week.

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  1. PghSteve Says:

    Patriots at 5? This from the man who thinks (not unreasonably) that a 6’5″+ receiver is the secret to success? Who on the Ravens, or most any other NFL team, stops Gronkowski? I think the Patriots easily beat the ‘Niners and the Ravens. Can’t argue much with the rest of your rankings.

    Go Steelers!

    (Edit from GMC: I had the Pats 4th, ahead of the Ravens. They might well be better than the Niners too…honestly.)

  2. PghSteve Says:

    Your right – sorry about that. I was looking at Ryan’s rankings. No arguments then with your rankings.

    Good show today in the 5 o’clock hour with VW

    (Edit from GMC: Believe me, I’m VERY worried about Gronkowski. And thanks!)

  3. PghSteve Says:

    Dang it! should have said “You’re right”

  4. mmyers208 Says:

    Is this the season where Marvin Lewis starts getting recognition as being a seriously good head coach? I think that’s a pretty fair ranking for that team. He’s survived the tumultuous run of PacMan and Ochocinco and all the other “knuckleheads”, now he’s got some fresh faces and these guys are ballin’…but hopefully not this weekend…

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