“The Reality Check” Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

September 12, 2012 | Glenn Clark

“The Reality Check” Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

16. San Diego Chargers (18)

When you have big targets, scoring touchdowns shouldn’t be so difficult.

15. New York Jets (23)

I apologize. For now.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers (11)

Presumably they’ll be better with Ryan Clark back.

13. Philadelphia Eagles (14)

I honestly have no idea. We’ll see.

12. Dallas Cowboys (19)

I have my reservations, but there’s no doubting a win at the Giants.

11. Detroit Lions (13)

If you throw three interceptions against the Rams, how many against the Niners?

10. New Orleans Saints (5)

Having a head coach matters.

9. Denver Broncos (10)

First test passed.

8. New York Giants (4)

I think they’ll be fine.

7. Chicago Bears (8)

Through Week 1, the Brandon Marshall experiment looks good.

6. Green Bay Packers (1)

They WEREN’T going to go 16-0 anyway.

5. Atlanta Falcons (12)

That was impressive.

4. San Francisco 49ers (7)

That was more impressive.

3. Baltimore Ravens (6)

That was emphatic.

2. Houston Texans (3)

Absolutely relentless.

1. New England Patriots (2)

They’re quite good.

(Ryan Chell’s rankings on Page 3…)

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