“The Reality Check” Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

September 12, 2012 | Glenn Clark

Ryan Chell’s Rankings…

32.  Browns (0-1; LW-32)

Brandon Weeden didn’t have a good debut vs. the Eagles. At 29, is retirement next week?

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1; LW-30)

Blaine Gabbert might actually have actual receivers to throw the ball to in Cecil Shorts, Laurent Robinson, Marcedes Lewis, and Justin Blackmon.

30. Rams (0-1; LW-29)

They certainly gave Detroit a scare…

29. Dolphins (0-1; LW-28)

This team has no one to help Ryan Tannehill in his progression as an NFL QB.

28. Colts (0-1; LW-26)

Remember, Andrew Luck is still a rookie.

27. Raiders (0-1; LW-25)

They couldn’t even field a snap.

26. Vikings (1-0; LW-31)

Anytime you have Adrian Peterson, you can win games.

25. Bills (0-1; LW-19)

Fred Jackson being out three weeks probably means three losses.

24. Chiefs (0-1; LW-21)

Atlanta was on their game Sunday vs KC, but the Chiefs did their part.

23. Seahawks (0-1; LW-20)

Russell Wilson may have had the best rookie QB debut from guys not named Robert Griffin III.

22. Cardinals (1-0; LW-22)

Kevin Kolb wants to be the QB again apparently.

21. Titans (0-1; LW-18)

Look at Chris Johnson’s stat line from Week 1.

20. Panthers (0-1; LW-17)

Cam Newton can’t do everything.

19. Bengals (0-1; LW-15)

They appeared to have no one other than AJ Green to throw the ball to, and their corners are probably popping up out of the toaster right now.

18. Buccaneers (1-0; LW-27)

It’s only one win.

17. Redskins (1-0; LW-24)

Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris beating the Saints. Repeat that.

16. Jets (1-0; LW-23)

The Jets might have replaced Plaxico Burress with Stephen Hill.

15. Chargers (1-0; LW-16)

I’m still not a believer in this team. They must like being in this spot with Norv Turner as the coach.

14. Bears (1-0; LW-14)

If anything Jay Cutler can keep handing the ball off to Forte/Bush and throwing to Brandon Marshall. It worked Sunday…

13. Steelers (1-0; LW-9)

This team lost to Peyton Manning on the road. A lot of teams do that…

12. Giants (0-1: LW-3)

Convinced that if they played the Cowboys five times, they would win four of them. But they still have to suffer for the loss..

11. Broncos (1-0; LW-12)

Can the defense keep up with Peyton Manning on the other side?

10. Eagles (1-0; LW-11)

Michael Vick certainly was trying to one-up Brandon Weeden in the interception department when they played the Browns.

9. Cowboys (0-1; LW-13)

They looked really good against the Giants and Tony Romo may have had one of the best games of his career.

8. Falcons (1-0; LW-10)

Even if their defense is still a concern, Matt Ryan did his part Sunday vs. KC. But Michael Turner was a bit of a concern…

7. Saints (0-1; LW-5)

For those who say a coach doesn’t have an impact on the game, watch Redskins-Saints again. Timeout miscues, 12-men on the field…they need Sean Payton to have that swagger back…

6. Lions (1-0; LW-8)

Big game this week against the 49ers. We’ll see if they’re elite or a pretender. If anything, we’ll just have Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh duke it out on the field.

5. Packers (0-1; LW-1)

Just like Aaron Rodgers said, “It’s one game.”

4. Ravens (1-0; LW-7)

Even realists here in Baltimore have the Super Bowl tickets printed out if they are going to continue to score points like they did against the Bengals.

3. Texans (1-0; LW-6)

This defense was built to destroy Peyton Manning twice a year. They now can use it against every opponent.

2. 49ers (1-0; LW-4)

Statement win early in the season for Jim Harbaugh and crew.

1. Patriots (1-0; LW-2)

Break Tom Brady’s nose. He still beats you. Badly. And-they didn’t use Wes Welker much vs. the Titans.