“The Reality Check” Week 3 NFL Power Rankings

September 19, 2012 | Glenn Clark

Ryan Chell’s Rankings…

32. Cleveland Browns (0-2; LW-32)

Brandon Weeden rebounded against the Bengals after having a bad debut.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2; LW-31)

Are the Jags really better with Chad Henne at quarterback? You could maybe say, “Yes.”

30. Oakland Raiders (0-2; LW-27)

Were they able to field a punt this week?

29. Kansas City Chiefs (0-2; LW-24)

I thought this team was going to be better…

28. Tennessee Titans (0-2; LW-21)

My wild card hopes for this team aren’t looking good…

27.  Minnesota Vikings (1-1; LW-26)

They need to blow this team up…

26. Miami Dolphins (1-1; LW-29)

Do you celebrate a win over Oakland?

25. St. Louis Rams (1-1; LW-30)

Sam Bradford might actually have people to throw to.

24. Indianapolis Colts (1-1; LW-28)

Andrew Luck isn’t playing like a rookie.

23. Buffalo Bills (1-1; LW-25)

CJ Spiller felt like he was back in the ACC destroying the Chiefs Sunday.

22. Seattle Seahawks (1-1; LW-23)

This team has the ability to beat any team that comes into their place somehow.

21. Cincinnati Bengals (1-1; LW-19)

Cleveland made a game out of their last matchup.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1; LW-18)

They matched the Super Bowl Champs punch-for-punch.

19. Carolina Panthers (1-1; LW-20)

I think the Panthers could have had a chance to beat the Saints even if they didn’t have issues…

18. Arizona Cardinals (2-0; LW-22)

Beating the Patriots is noteworthy. Their defense is playing very well right now.

17. Washington Redskins (1-1; LW-17)

Josh Morgan has no friends in that Washington locker room this week. The Orakpo and Carriker injuries are huge.

16. New York Jets (1-1; LW-16)

How many times did they show Tim Tebow on Sunday?

15. Chicago Bears (1-1; LW-14)

Matt Forte being out for an extended period of time hurts this team. Michael Bush is good, but not THAT good.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers(1-1; LW-13)

They shut down the Jets on Sunday without Troy Polamalu. Rashard Mendenhall’s return can do nothing but help them.

13. San Diego Chargers (2-0; LW-15)

It is noteworthy for Norv Turner’s team given the amount of 1-1 teams out there.

12. New York Giants (1-1; LW-12)

Ahmad Bradshaw has already been ruled out for Sunday, but who cares? They have some guy named Eli…

11. Denver Broncos (1-1; LW-11)

Lost in the shuffle of Peyton’s performance against the Falcons was Willis McGahee’s drive running the ball. At his age, should be on decline.

10. New Orleans Saints (0-2; LW-7)

The Saints should do the “Bobby Valentine” and try and get Sean Payton into the stadium under disguise. This team is HORRIBLE without him…

9. Dallas Cowboys (1-1; LW-9)

Going on the road to Seattle gives them a one-week pass.

8. Detroit Lions (1-1; LW-6)

They were an onside-kick away from getting a huge win on the road.

7. Baltimore Ravens (1-1; LW-4)

They were a couple plays away from being 2-0. Tough test this week against New England followed by a short week.

6. Green Bay Packers (1-1; LW-5)

Did the Packers just sack Jay Cutler again?

5. New England Patriots (1-1; LW-1)

Stephen Gostkowski’s miss apparently was the first kick attempted on that side of Gillette Stadium since Billy Cundiff’s miss.

4. Philadelphia Eagles (2-0; LW-10)

Nine turnovers in two games is a bit of a concern.

3. Atlanta Falcons (2-0; LW-8)

Matt Ryan’s got it pretty easy right now. Michael Turner-not so much.

2. Houston Texans (2-0; LW-3)

I put the 49ers ahead of Houston because of the quality of their wins.

1. San Francisco 49ers (2-0; LW-2)

They’ve owned the NFC North (Detroit, GB) so far…














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