“The Reality Check” Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

September 26, 2012 | Glenn Clark

16. Dallas Cowboys (18)

Are you sure they’re good yet?

15. Denver Broncos (11)

1-2, but against a brutal schedule. We’ll see.

14. New York Jets (15)

At least they don’t have a quarterback controver…oh right.

13. Chicago Bears (13)

They’ll probably need to beat a good team before there are believers.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers (9)

Nah. Their defense is just fine, right?

11. San Diego Chargers (10)

But the division looks absolutely as wide open as it has in the past.

10. Cincinnati Bengals (14)

They’ve bounced back nicely from that beatdown in Baltimore.

9. New England Patriots (7)

We’re all aware they’ll be fine.

8. Philadelphia Eagles (5)

The words “Nick Foles” have been spoken on lips in Filthy this week.

7. Arizona Cardinals (16)

Holy hell, they’re 3-0. We have to start giving them some credit.

6. Green Bay Packers (4)

And the Packers are 1-2*.

5. New York Giants (8)

Just creating new superstars every week.

4. San Francisco 49ers (2)

They perhaps deserved to drop another spot after a loss like that.

3. Baltimore Ravens (6)

I don’t think any of us what to think about what we would have done had the kick been no good.

2. Atlanta Falcons (3)

Absolutely exceptional thus far.

1. Houston Texans (1)

Any questions?

(Ryan’s rankings on Page 2…)

3 Comments For This Post

  1. tiggnutz Says:

    You put the Ravens ahead of the 49ers?How?

  2. Raz_la Says:

    Did you guys even watch the MNF game??? Did you not even notice the total domination by the Seahawk defense???

    Look it up………….#4 overall in total team defense, behind Dallas and Green Bay……both of which they have already beaten. This team is good…….much better than where you have them ranked.

  3. Al Says:


    On a neutral field, do you really believe the Jets are better than 18 other teams? I’m not piling on just because I hate the Jets as much as Ravens fans hate the Steelers, but ask yourself this one question…other than the Jets, what other NFL team (the Browns don’t count as they’re not an NFL team) would trade their current starting quarterback for Sanchez? The only quarterback in the NFL worse than Sanchez is the Jets backup Tim Tebow. Rex Ryan’s “San-chise” will give the 49ers 3+ turnovers this weekend.

    Then again, who am I to talk, you’ve got my Dolphins accurately ranked :-(


    (Edit from Glenn: At the moment, yes. But in 4 weeks, I doubt it.)

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