“The Reality Check” Week 5 NFL Power Rankings

October 03, 2012 | Glenn Clark

Ryan Chell’s Rankings…

32. Cleveland Browns (0-4); LW-32

I wonder if they’ll bring in a receiver who drops the ball 50% of the time as an upgrade?

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-3); LW-31

Cleveland needs to wins one game to move ahead of them.

30. Oakland Raiders (1-3); LW-29

Good to see DHB recovering.

29. Tennessee Titans (1-3); LW-30

Jake Locker is going to be out multiple weeks.

28. St. Louis Rams (2-2); LW-27

The NFC West somehow is not a easy division anymore.

27. Miami Dolphins (1-3); LW-28

Ryan Tannehill may be the second best quarterback in this division.

26. Indianapolis Colts (1-2); LW-25

Chuck Pagano’s loss to leukemia will hurt the morale of this team. Player’s coach.

25. New Orleans Saints (0-4); LW-23

Drew Brees passing Johnny Unitas’ record is notable.

24. Kansas City Chiefs (1-3); LW-25

The Chiefs may have to make a change at quarterback to keep things going.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-3); LW-22

This team just has its moments where it doesn’t show up.

22. Carolina Panthers (1-3); LW-21

This team had the Falcons on the ropes at home and Matt Ryan was forced to make a throw…

21. Buffalo Bills (2-2); LW-19

I don’t like the running-back-by-committee approach going forward for CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson. Both of them need all the carries to succeed…

20. Seattle Seahawks (2-2); LW-19

The regular refs are back Seattle…

19. Washington Redskins (2-2); LW-20

RGIII is going to get hurt before the end of the year…

18. New York Jets (2-2); LW-17

Revis and Santonio Holmes out for the year? Do you hear a bell?

17. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2); LW-16

Rashard Mendenhall being back and allowing them to run the football will help this team…

16. Detroit Lions (1-3); LW-12

Did they give up another special teams touchdown?

15. Dallas Cowboys (2-2); LW-14

Tony Romo looked awful vs. CHI…

14. Minnesota Vikings (3-1); LW-24

If Christian Ponder doesn’t turn the ball over, this team is in excellent shape to keep this going…

13. Denver Broncos (2-2); LW-13

I think this team goes back on a little run…

12. San Diego Chargers (3-1); LW-15

Is Norv Turner finally putting things together?

11. Chicago Bears (3-1); LW-11

Jay Cutler and Mike Tice fighting? Do they realize they’re 3-1?

10. Cincinnati Bengals (3-1); LW-10

AJ Green one of the latest additions to the “Throw it in his vicinity-he catches it” club; the other being Calvin Johnson.

9. Green Bay Packers (2-2); LW-9

The win against the Saints last year would have been more noteworthy.

8. New York Giants (2-2); LW-4

Andy Reid almost gave them the gave Sunday night. They need to get healthy too…

7. Philadelphia Eagles (3-1); LW-7

I’m still not convinced with Michael Vick this season…

6. New England Patriots (2-2); LW-6

Ask the Bills if they think New England is back…

5. Arizona Cardinals (4-0); LW-8

I have an ear infection today and can’t hear too well. Did I hear that the Cardinals are undefeated after four weeks?

4. Baltimore Ravens (3-1); LW-5

The Ravens are done with a difficult stretch of games where they played four contests in 18 days.

3. San Francisco 49ers (3-1); LW-3

I like how they Tebow’d the Jets this week…

2. Atlanta Falcons (4-0); LW-2

With the Saints misfortune, they may already have this division wrapped up.

1. Houston Texans (4-0); LW-1

Status quo.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…