The Reality Check Week 6 NFL Power Rankings

October 10, 2012 | Glenn Clark

Ryan Chell’s Rankings…

32. Cleveland Browns (0-5); LW-32

If only their game against the Giants was scored after the first quarter…

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4); LW-31

They made Jay Cutler and the Bears look good…

30. Oakland Raiders (1-3); LW-30

We’ll see what the bye does for the Raiders. My guess is nothing.

29. Tennessee Titans (1-4); LW-29

Mike Munchak. Please win on Thursday.

28. Kansas City Chiefs (1-4); LW-24

Jamaal Charles can’t win games on his own for Kansas City. Unless it’s New Orleans.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-3); LW-23

Worst team in the NFC South…2nd place.

26. Carolina Panthers (1-4); LW-22

Second worst team in the NFC South. Cam Newton having the sophomore slump…

25. St. Louis Rams (3-2); LW-28

Amendola being out for a month is huge. Definitely took away from their biggest win of the year.

24. Miami Dolphins (2-3); LW-27

Reggie Bush, Brian Hartline, and Davone Bess are some weapons Tannehill can use to progress as an NFL QB.

23. Indianapolis Colts (2-2); LW-26

An emotional win for the Colts on Sunday. Thumbs up here…

22. Buffalo Bills (2-3); LW-21

The Patriots must have told the 49ers how to blow out Buffalo…

21. New Orleans Saints (1-4); LW-25

Any coincidence the Saints won with Sean Payton just in the arena?

20. Washington Redskins (2-3); LW-19

RGIII is going to get hurt before the end of the year…(last week’s notable)

19. New York Jets (2-3); LW-18

The J-E-T-S are B-A-D.

18. Seattle Seahawks (3-2); LW-20

The Seahawks played this weekend?

17. Detroit Lions (1-3); LW-16

They need to keep pace with the Bears and the Vikings.

16. Dallas Cowboys (2-2); LW-15

Tony Romo’s phone call to the Baltimore media today got intercepted.

15. Denver Broncos (2-3); LW-13

Still alive in this division.

14. San Diego Chargers (3-2); LW-12

Just when I started to believe in them, they lose to New Orleans.

13. Green Bay Packers (2-3); LW-9

Cedric Benson’s out for eight weeks…

12. Cincinnati Bengals (3-1); LW-10

AJ Green one of the latest additions to the “Throw it in his vicinity-he catches it” club; the other being Calvin Johnson.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2); LW-17

Here they come…

10. Minnesota Vikings (4-1); LW-14

I thought this team was going to win four games all year.

9. Chicago Bears (4-1); LW-11

Jay Cutler and Mike Tice must have patched things up.

8. New York Giants (3-2); LW-8

The Giants thought that they could go through the motions and beat the Browns. After Cleveland scored 17 points, they finally woke up.

7. Philadelphia Eagles (3-2); LW-7

I don’t like Michael Vick’s ball security’s skills. Or his attitude about answering questions about his problems with ball security.

6. Arizona Cardinals (4-1); LW-5

The Arizona Cardinals fell victim to the good old Thursday night road team jitters.

5. New England Patriots (2-2); LW-6

Tom Brady is still better than Peyton Manning no matter what uniform he’s wearing.

4. Baltimore Ravens (4-1); LW-4

The Ravens better sure up that offensive line or Joe Flacco is going to get killed. Which means the Ravens season dies with it.

3. San Francisco 49ers (4-1); LW-3

Who could have thought they could blow out teams?

2. Atlanta Falcons (5-0); LW-2

They’ll lose before the Texans do, but it might be awhile…

1. Houston Texans (5-0); LW-1

What will the Texans do to replace Brian Cushing?

































Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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  1. PghSteve Says:

    Really? The Packers ranked higher than Philly and Pittsburgh? Even Cincy ought to be higher than the Packers. Have you watched the Packers play this year? They should consider themselves to be lucky at 2-3. Have they played any defense since they beat Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl? Not that I have seen. They are 21st in total yards, 15th in passing yards (below Cleveland and Oakland!) Rodgers has been sacked 21 times. I think Ryan has the Pack ranked just about right… Maybe need to discount double check those rankings.

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