The Reality Check Week 7 NFL Power Rankings

October 17, 2012 | Glenn Clark

16. Detroit Lions (19)

Nice win. You of course need a few of those in this sport.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers (12)

I probably shouldn’t have a two win team ranked this high.

14. Philadelphia Eagles (9)

Who the hell do Eagles fans clamor to have fired next week?

13. Arizona Cardinals (11)

Enjoy your last week in the top half of the rankings…I assume.

12. Washington Redskins (18)

But isn’t it time Robert Griffin III started doing something?

11. Seattle Seahawks (17)

Breaking news: good at home.

10. Minnesota Vikings (7)

Last week in Top 10? I’ll lean towards yes.

9. Denver Broncos (15)

The word “statement” comes to mind.

8. Chicago Bears (10)

Had to squeak past “BYE” in the 4th quarter.

7. New England Patriots (5)

If they won seven straight, would you be surprised?

6. San Francisco 49ers (3)

They don’t think the Houston Texans looked all that bad.

5. Green Bay Packers (8)

Oh I remember now…you have Aaron Rodgers as your quarterback.

4. New York Giants (6)

Giants win in San Francisco. It’s a fairly regular occurrence.

3. Baltimore Ravens (4)

At least they have their health purple camo pants.

2. Houston Texans (1)

But still the best the AFC has to offer right now.

1. Atlanta Falcons (2)

They only needed 40 seconds to finish things.

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