“The Reality Check” Week 7 NFL Power Rankings

October 16, 2013 | Glenn Clark

16. Cleveland Browns (12)

I would be surprised if they had another week in the top half, right?

15. Dallas Cowboys (17)

This HAS to be the year they don’t crap the bed, right?

14. San Diego Chargers (16)

The Chargers create as many new receivers every year as the Ravens have in their history. (But…you know…titles and all.)

13. Miami Dolphins (13)

They lost to the Ravens? How embarrassing.

12. Baltimore Ravens (10)

I’m more than a little concerned.

11. Chicago Bears (14)

I think they’re good? I have no idea if they’re good.

10. Detroit Lions (10)

Remember when Calvin Johnson was going to be out a month?

9. Green Bay Packers (9)

I think they’ll be back in the Top 5 in a month.

8. Cincinnati Bengals (8)

Let Gio Bernard play all the positions, please.

7. San Francisco 49ers (7)

How did they get a game in Nashville at 4pm Eastern? Very helpful.

6. Indianapolis Colts (3)

So is Trent Richardson not good at the rushing?

5. New Orleans Saints (2)

Jimmy Graham IS healthy, right?

4. New England Patriots (6)

But really, where is the beef?

3. Seattle Seahawks (3)

They have to wait a little while to set a new noise record.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (2)

I guess?

1. Denver Broncos (1)

From the Onion…

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