The Reality Check Week 9 NFL Power Rankings

October 30, 2012 | Glenn Clark

16. Indianapolis Colts (26)

In a matchup that no one thought would be between winning teams, they host the Dolphins next.

15. Dallas Cowboys (14)

I don’t know how good they are, but that was freaking brutal.

14. Seattle Seahawks (13)

You won’t be able to figure them out at any point.

13. Detroit Lions (21)

I THINK they’ve solved some of their problems.

12. Minnesota Vikings (10)

That was kind of alarming, no?

11. Miami Dolphins (18)

Wait. Who?

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (11)

That looked like sort of a vintage performance, sadly.

9. Baltimore Ravens (8)

This is a team that MUST be 7-2 when we’re doing the Week 11 power rankings.

8. Denver Broncos (9)

Oh right. Peyton Manning. Sh*t.

7. Chicago Bears (7)

Jay Cutler may or may not have spouted off about Chicago fans at halftime. I may or may not have eaten three bags of Craisins this week.

6. New England Patriots (6)

Good in any England.

5. San Francisco 49ers (5)

Remember when we thought the NFC West might be improved?

4. Green Bay Packers (4)

It must be nice to have so many receivers that you’re fine without two of them.

3. New York Giants (3)

I wonder if Dez Bryant’s finger already has his own Twitter account?

2. Houston Texans (2)

Trying to confirm rumors JJ Watt spent bye week enjoying six foot burrito.

1. Atlanta Falcons (1)

They’re NOT going 16-0, right?

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