The Sky is Falling….well maybe not!

November 17, 2008 |

Wow! What a difference a week makes. 6 – 3 with the playoffs in mind, tied for first place in the division, world was our oyster to 6 – 4 with self doubt and despair. One game can change a lot, but let’s take off the purple shades for a bit and come to some sort of reality check. Let’s play FACT and OPINION….ready break!

FACT: The Ravens are 6 -4 and in second place in the AFC NORTH and as of 11/17/08 if the playoffs started today…the RAVENS would be invited to the party.

OPINION: RAVENS ARE GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS! They may even win the division!

FACT: Joe Flacco was sacked once against the Giants even with Cousins and Hale as the Tackles in the game.

OPINION: Want to beat up the Ravens and say the coaches quit by running so much when down by 17. Want to criticize them for max protecting all game. Fine, go ahead…but you are wrong to do so…The offensive line was beat up and playing without their starting OT’s and the GIANTS were ready to pin their ears back and come after Flacco…the Ravens fought to live another day…no problems here. They were not coming back to win this game.

FACT: The RAVENS beat Miami on the road…Miami is 6 – 4 and fighting like the Ravens for a playoff spot. So stop feeding into the allusion that the Ravens have not beaten a team with a winning record.

OPINION: I had the Ravens going 6 – 10 when I saw the schedule…so they have exceeded my expectations and for that matter I would guess 95% of Ravens fans and media personality’s expectations. Let enjoy the ride folks….6 games to go….lots of turns coming.

FACT: The 4 losses the Ravens have are to teams with a combined record of 32 – 9.

OPINION: Outside of the Indy game. The Ravens were in every football game. As Rob Long has been saying for awhile now…we should have won the Steelers and Titans games and they could come back to haunt us.

FACT: The Teams the Ravens have left on their Schedule have a combined record of 29 – 29 – 2. The Ravens have 4 games remaining with teams with winning records. They have 4 games at home and 2 on the road. They are currently 3 – 3 on the road this year and 3 – 1 at home.

Opinion: They are going 10 – 6!

FACT: Ravens are battling the following team for a playoff berth: Miami, NY Jets, New England, Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Indianapolis.

Their schedules are as follows:

Miami: New England, at STL, at Buffalo, SF, at KC, at NY Jets

NY Jets: at Tenn, Denver, at SF, Buffalo, at Seattle, Miami

New England: at Miami, Pittsburgh, at Seattle, at Oakland, Arizona, at Buffalo

Pittsburgh: Cinn, at NE, Dallas, at Baltimore, at Tenn, Cleveland

Buffalo:  Clev, at KC, SF, Miami, at NY Jets, at Denver, New England

Indianapolis: at SD, at Cleveland, Cinn, Detroit, at Jax, Tenn

Opinion: If the Ravens can win 2 of their 3 (Pitts, Cinn, Jags) remaining AFC games…they will win most tiebreakers. I think the Indianapolis’s get one of the wildcards.

Relax Ravens Fans! The Team is OK…through 10 games now, they are who they are and it is what it is…They beat Philly Sunday at home…ahhhh home sweet home!