The Tom Brady rule has ruined football

October 26, 2009 |

The “Tom Brady” rule has shackled defenses worse than a crooked stockbroker in “Saw III”. How can defenses stop any offense, when they’re not allowed to touch a QB, WR, or TE without fear of a penalty. This year when a receiver catches that high thrown pass over the middle, it’s the defense that’s gets “alligator arms” for fear he’ll get a penalty for hitting a defenseless player. There is more neutering going on in the NFL than the local animal shelter. I would like to think the NFL will see the excessive scoring as a sign to “let them play”, but I fear they have NBA fever and think the only way to get more fans is to have more scoring. Short term it might, but they’ll find out that the majority of fans don’t mind scoring, they just want the team to earn it.