This is Baltimore, you can help in winning this game …..

January 12, 2011 |

Please help us to address the Speert’s need for clothing …..

As I’ve said, this is an immediate need. Thus, we are collecting as many GIFT CARDS, as possible, through next Monday. Our emphasis is on collecting GIFT CARDS that can be used at Baltimore-area clothing retailers.

You name it …. Target, Walmart, Shopping Malls, Department Stores …. If they sell clothes, we will gladly take their gift cards.

And, the amount is irrelevant. Please just give what you can afford – even if it’s a $5 gift card for a local clothing store. We will accept your donation with an indebted gratitude.

UPDATE : Now, there are THREE ways to give …..

1)You can purchase a gift card and bring it to the WNST studios. We are located at 1550 Hart Road, in Towson. I’m at the studio each day, from 2pm thru 6pm.

2)You can purchase a gift card and mail it to WNST Radio, 1550 Hart Rd., Towson Md. 21286

3) You can also donate by PayPal – just email WNST’s business manager, Christine Cortezi …  – and she will walk you thru the process !!!!

Since we are dealing with a time sensitive need, we are only collecting GIFT CARD DONATIONS thru the end of THIS WEEK !!!! If you are mailing your donated gift card, please do so by Saturday, January 15th.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for your generous response. I know the WNST community and I’m quite proud of our relationship, together. Times like these really help me to understand we’re one big community.

My sincere THANKS for anything you can do in helping with this cause. If you have any questions, please contact me directly at (443) 562-0088 or by email at …. and GO RAVENS !!!!