This past week has sucked, but Ravens will be great again in ’12

January 29, 2012 | Peter Dilutis

While it is so difficult to get to where the Ravens were in 2011, they’ve built an organization that provides them the best opportunity to get back there each and every season.

With the opportunity to succeed comes the opportunity to fail. The Cleveland Browns haven’t had the chance to feel the heartbreak that the Ravens have experienced the past two Januarys. Neither have the Vikings, Cowboys, Buccaneers, or even the Colts.

The Ravens have been in it every single season under John Harbaugh. Purple fever has exploded throughout Baltimore every January during this era of Ravens football.

I see no reason to expect that to change in 2012.

Ray Lewis is coming back. Ed Reed will take some time and perhaps make us sweat a bit, but he’ll be back as well. Why wouldn’t he be?

Joe Flacco will continue to get better. I don’t care what anyone says about Flacco, the guy is a beast, and he’s proven it time and time again. Fans and media members that get on him and question his future as the Ravens QB are morons, plain and simple.

The Ravens will lose a few players. Double J might get a big offer from someone else. Cory Redding might as well. Billy Cundiff probably won’t be able to come back to that locker room. Ben Grubbs might get crazy money from a younger team with more cap room. Lee Evans will likely get cut, and who knows if he will come back on a smaller deal.

But as long as Ozzie Newsome, Eric DeCosta, John Harbaugh, Dick Cass, and Steve Bisciotti are making the key decisions throughout the organization, I’ll always bet ON the Ravens rather than against them.