This past week has sucked, but Ravens will be great again in ’12

January 29, 2012 | Peter Dilutis

Assuming health (just ask the Colts how much health can screw up an otherwise promising season), the Ravens are going to be elite again in 2012. They’ll be back in the tournament and we’ll be engulfed with purple in January of 2013 once again.

What’s left for the Ravens to accomplish on the way to a Super Bowl? Well, they really need to focus on getting the #1 seed next season. When the organization looks back on the New England game, most will realize that if that game is played in Baltimore, the Ravens would likely be headed to Indianapolis right about now.

There is such a fine line between the emotions of Patriots fans right now compared to Ravens fans. This feeling absolutely must be remembered in October when the Ravens play on the road against an inferior team. Those wins add up. They really do. That #1 seed is so important.

Much like the Lee Evans drop, the Ravens also had the top spot in the AFC in their grasp this season. Next season, they need to make sure they do not let that opportunity get away again.

The Ravens won the AFC North this season. The next step is securing home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. For those asking what more can the Ravens do to have a better shot at the Super Bowl, that is your answer.

I know this sucks. But we can’t lose perspective. This organization is too great and too deep to be knocked off course by a devastating loss.

There is so much to be excited about as a Ravens fan. The vast majority of a team that, for all intents and purposes, won the AFC Championship game will be returning in 2012.

And if you ask Ray Lewis, they’ll be coming back pissed off.

Just as I’ll bet on the Ravens organization, I’ll also bet on a pissed off Ray Lewis and Ravens team coming back to hunt in 2012.

And when they do reach their ultimate destination, we’ll all look back on this experience and understand why it all happened this way.

When Lee Mazzilli first came to Baltimore, he was asked about Alex Rodriguez joining the Yankees. Mazzilli’s response: “It’ll make it that much sweeter when we beat them.”

Well, when this current core of Ravens are hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, whether it be in 2013 in New Orleans or 2014 in New York City, going through the heartbreak of the past couple seasons will just make the moment that much sweeter.





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  1. Sam Says:

    Here here!

    I know Raven nation quarrels internally about some personnel decisions. But come time for 2012 we will all pull out our purple and black and stand firmly behind whoever our trusted front office deems wisest to play for our team.

    Rejoice Raven Nation! For this League knoweth no fury like a QB/OC one catch shy of the Super Bowl. These two will light the NFL on fire come next season!

  2. unitastoberry Says:

    The 24 hour rule does not apply when you get beat in the AFC championship game on a drop.Its going to hurt until the Giants beat the Brady Bunch. I hope the Giants defense makes the other knee on Brady Jello. Then they can have another penalty named after the easy to hate diva.

  3. PghSteve Says:

    ” The vast majority of a team that, for all intents and purposes, won the AFC Championship game will be returning in 2012.”

    Huh? The Ravens won the AFC Championship Game? Wow. And I just read that the Patriots have arrived in Indy for the Super Bowl. Someone should tell them that, for all intents and purposes, they lost the AFC Championship game and might as well head home.

    By the way, the term “for all intent and purposes” means for all practical uses or situations. Does not really fit when the final score of a football game shows a clear winner and loser.

  4. Ed D'Adamo Says:

    Nice write up, Pete.

    It is nice to see a bit of optimism coming from Ravens Nation after perhaps the most devasting loss in franchise history. As fans it is easy to get caught up in the ‘here and now’. Which I guess, to some extent is part of being a fan; but a broader look on our situation makes one realize the big picture of how successful this franchise is, can be and will be for years to come. That mindset most definitely puts things into perspective for the ‘fanatic’ in all of us to realize, we have a lot to be grateful for as Ravens fans. The front office will do their job and we will continue to do ours in support. Peaks and valleys my friend, that all comes with the territory.

    And you’re right with all those losses brewing, when we do hoist that trophy, it will be just that much sweeter.

    It was nice getting to know you this year.


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