Thursday Edition of the Wednesday Wheelhouse

March 05, 2009 |

This is a special Thursday edition of the Wednesday Wheelhouse, covering anything and everything sports-related or otherwise. This is a place for you the reader to comment on any topic you wish below in the comment section. Share your thoughts, give some props, or blow off some steam…

Here’s what’s on my mind:

-The Ravens have had a solid free agency period with the signing of Ray Lewis, Matt Birk, and Domonique Foxworth. A good way to keep the good karma flowing is to NOT sign Terrell Owens. Like Nestor said, “I can’t believe any serious or rational Ravens fan would think signing T.O. is a good idea.” It’s the height of stupidity to inoculate a locker room that just went to the AFC Championship game with a cancer like Terrell Owens. Sure, he WAS a great player. But if you know football and you look at some tape, T.O. is not the same player he was five years ago. Dallas knows that, and they’re willing to take a $9 million dollar cap hit to let him go. If that doesn’t tell the whole story, I don’t know what will.

-I’m REALLY looking forward to the Orioles Hangout user interview with Drew at 4:30.

-Good news coming out of Fort Lauderdale from the Orioles camp. Koji Uehara pitched three shut-out innings against the Dominican Republic, a team littered with big bats like David Ortiz and Miguel Tejada. Now I know that it’s early and that it’s only spring training, but this is certainly a positive for the Orioles heading into the season. Uehara could bring some much needed control to the Orioles starting rotation this season, a starting rotation that has led the American League in walks the last two years.

-Despite reports yesterday from the Washington Post, the Capitals official website is not making any mention of Alex Ovechkin’s recent foot injury. Yesterday in practice, Ovechkin took a slap shot off of his right foot and had to be helped to the locker room. There’s no word on whether or not he’ll play tonight against the Maple Leafs, but Ovechkin received a similar injury to his left foot against Montreal and did not miss any time. The Caps are off to a rough start this month, losing their first two games in March. It looks like opposing offenses are coming in to the Verizon Center like a lion early this month, as the Caps have given up 11 goals in the last two games to sub-par competition.

-The Terps NCAA tournament hopes received a big lift yesterday–and Greivis Vasquez had nothing to do with it. Miami, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Florida, and Kentucky all lost last night. These five teams were some of Maryland’s biggest competition going into Selection Sunday. That loss to Wake Forest doesn’t look nearly as bad as Miami’s loss to Georgia Tech, Kentucky’s loss at home to Georgia, or BC’s loss to NC State. If the Terps beat Virginia soundly and win a game in the ACC tournament, they’re in for sure. Who would have thought that 3 months ago?

-The Hopkins lacrosse team narrowly escaped Catonsville with a win against UMBC on Tuesday night. Led by goalie Mike Gvozden, the Blue Jay close defense tightened up and played much better lacrosse than they did against Princeton in the Face-Off Classic. UMBC’s high-powered offense came roaring back in the fourth quarter, quickly closing a seven goal deficit to a three goal deficit. Kyle Wimer and the Retrievers attack needed a fifth quarter to finish off the Blue Jays, but unfortunately, they only play four quarters in lacrosse. Very exciting game this weekend – Maryland @ Towson at 2 o’clock on Saturday.

-In the UEFA Champions League, Germany’s Bayern Munchen and the English Premier League teams are playing strong in the first leg of the first elimination round. Bayern Munchen, who boast Euro Cup stars Bastian Schweinsteiger and Miroslav Klose as well as USA’s Landon Donovan, pummeled Portugal’s Sporting 5-0 in the first leg of the elimination round. Losing by five goals has all but sealed Sporting’s fate, as they will need to beat Bayern Munchen by 6 goals in the second leg in order to advance. The EPL teams had a solid first leg, with Liverpool, Chelsea, and Arsenal all having one goal leads going into the second leg next week. Manchester United played a talented Inter Milan team to a 0-0 draw, which is a good result for the Red Devils considering that they will play the second leg in front of their home crowd at Old Trafford. The Spanish teams are not playing up to snuff, with no teams winning the first leg. Real Madrid is currently in a 0-1 hole to Liverpool thanks to a Benayoun header–the Reds beat Real despite the absence of Steven Gerrard.

-The Maryland Senate approved a plan to limit the death penalty this morning. The death penalty will now be limited to murder cases where there is DNA evidence, a video recording of the murder, or a voluntary confession. Some Democrats were trying to get the death penalty abolished in Maryland, which would have been a big mistake. I think that this is a fair way to limit the death penalty. It keeps Republicans happy and Democrats less angry than usual.

-Breaking news this morning from Hollywood. Chris Brown has been charged with two felonies stemming from his physical confrontation with singer Rihanna. recently published photos of Rihanna’s facial injuries following the confrontation and they’re pretty disturbing. We can go ahead and file this story in the “What Were You Thinking?” category.

-So it was below freezing and there was snow on the ground on my birthday (Tuesday), and it’s supposed to be 72 degrees by Sunday. You gotta love Maryland weather.

What’s on your mind?