Time to fire Dave Trembley

April 13, 2009 | Keith Melchior

After 6 games, it’s pretty obvious the Orioles DON’T WANT TO WIN this season. The  Orioles are 4-2 against two AL East rivals. Both losses came with the Orioles fielding their Sunday teams and both losses were blowouts.  The Orioles lost something like 16 straight Sunday afternoon games last season and I believe only won 5 Sunday games all season long.  Why? Because Dave Trembley is NOT a good major league manager. No way this clown should be managing when the team is “supposed” to be good come 2011. Fire him now and save face or even run an investigation on that guy. Maybe he is betting on baseball. He doesn’t manage to win baseball games, that’s for sure. He sucks as a manager.

Last season he blew out the bullpen because his starters couldn’t get into the 7th inning.  He is doing the same thing this season and we’re only 6 games in. Using George Sherrill in a blowout win on Monday just to get him work was the same formula that got him shut down after the All-Star break last year.  Sherrill has saved 2 games but it looks like Trembley is marching these guys in and out again and is repeating his failure as a manager last season. Guthrie already can’t go more than 6 innings, he pulls Koji after 5 innings and yanks Hendrickson in the 6th inning. I don’t want to hear that crap excuse that it’s too early for them to go more than 6 innings. It’s not like the old days when players came into spring training to get into game shape. These guys ahould already be in game shape when they arrive in mid-February.

 There have been 3 complete games thrown by NL pitchers and those guys even have to bat.  What separates those guys from our guys?  Why couldn’t Guthrie finish the game Saturday?  Who started the 100 pitch count garbage, anyway? With 4 days rest I doubt their arms will fall off if they throw 120 or 130 pitches per game. No wonder Angelos doesn’t want to pay pitchers more than 10 million for working every 5th day. What happened to the workhorse guys, the innings-eaters, the guys who wanted the ball, the guys who wanted to finish what they started?  Who has heart and really true grit on that pitching staff? NO ONE!!

WHY are the Orioles willing to concede day games after playing night games?  These guys are professional baseball players. You mean to tell me these players can’t come back and play a game about 14 hours after a prior game?  Why is it that only certain players can’t seem to do this?  These guys are getting (over)paid MILLIONS of dollars to play baseball. It’s not like they are exerting countless energy for 3 straight hours. Most of the time they are standing or sitting around doing nothing. I understand football players needing a day or 2 off to allow their bodies time to recover before going back out there again, but a baseball player’s body doesn’t go through the same ordeal.  No wonder people think baseball players are prima donnas. They have turned into big babies and managers are treating them like babies. Trembley is no exception.

I wrote last week that the Orioles are in the midst of that critical 62 game stretch of games that matter. They are going to win 50 and lose 50. They could very well be 6-0 had Trembley decided to play his 9 best players in every game.  THAT would be a way to send a message to the rest of the league that we aren’t going to go down easily this season, regardless what any of the experts may think.

The worst thing they could have done was start out 4-2 with divisional wins. Now everyone is all excited about the hot start. Not me, I am pissed. Dave Trembley, if you are going to act like a  little league manager and make sure all these guys play and if you are going to concede day games after night games, then get the hell out of Baltimore and go manage a little league team to make the  mommys and daddys happy.  I know the Orioles aren’t even expecting themselves to win this season , but for God’s sake DON’T make it look so obvious.