Top Quarterbacks In My Lifetime

March 04, 2008 |

Wow, as I sit and think of some of the quarterback greats, it’s difficult to rank them. So many things to go into considering that.

Here are the top ten quarterbacks of my lifetime and why.

10. Randall Cunningham – Innovative

9. Warren Moon – Dominant in two leagues

8. Brett Favre – One of the most dominant quarterbacks in two different eras

7. Peyton Manning – One of the most intelligent quarterbacks of my lifetime.

6. Tom Brady – Makes the most out of every situation. Makes players around him better.

5. Dan Marino – Made guys around him better. One of the quickest releases ever.

4. Steve Young – Made the West Coast System his home. Arguably the best of his era.

3. Troy Aikman – The most underrated quarterback of his era. Was great at hitting receivers in stride.

2. John Elway – Tough. Gritty. Athletic. He won games that his team was not good enough to win.

1. Joe Montana – Won Super Bowls before Jerry Rice. Was a great quarterback before Jerry Rice. If Steve Young made the West Coast offense his home, Montana built the house.