Tweet Cred

July 09, 2010 | Thyrl Nelson

In finishing up the week, I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the guests who helped to make this week’s shows, and direct you to their Twitter pages too, so that you’ll be able to find them and follow them more easily. Thanks again to all for lending some Tweet Cred to the show, and all of their interviews are up and available in the audio vault here on the web site.


Tuesday:’s Brittany Ghiroli –

Detroit Tigers Broadcaster Rod Allen –

UFC Announcer Mike Goldberg –



KFFL’s Ryan Bonini –’s Steve Kyler –’s Steve Gould –

Pro Boxer Jimmy Lange –



Chicago Bulls reporter and Jordan Rules author Sam Smith –

KFFL’s Nick Minnix –


Friday:’s Tony Moss –’s NBA Reporter Marc Spears –

Pete Kerzel from and the AP –

Fox Radio’s Stephen A. Smith –


And last but not least, thanks to Todd Helmick from We have to get him a Twitter page.



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