Upon Further Review…Touchdown Seahawks

September 25, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

Upon Further Review…Touchdown Seahawks


Mob mentality can be a funny thing. We know that these officials aren’t as good as the ones being locked out, and we predicted going into the season that it would be a problem. Because of that expectation the debacle that has been the league’s officiating situation has been an easy story to write. The players and coaches have bought in to what the fans and media were anticipating and have changed the way that they’ve played the games and the way that they’ve treated these officials, thus perpetuating the problem. And all along we waited for a call to come along that would change the outcome of the game. Last night it appeared that we had it, and since the final play of Seattle’s win against the Packers everyone has taken the officials to task. But were they really wrong, or are we just too accepting of what the media has sensationalized?

From the NFL Rule Book:

Here is Golden Tate with both hands on the ball prior to landing.

Here is Tate with two hands still on the ball and both feet down.

And here is Tate still apparently with both hands on the ball, his butt on the ground, and down by contact.

I think the referees got it right. At the very least, it’s close enough that whatever was called on the field should stand. Even if they didn’t it’s sure a lot closer than the “media mob” seems to be suggesting. Bottom line, it’s certainly not the worst call I ever saw.



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  1. Diablo Says:

    Agreed…assuming that offensive pass interference doesn’t exist. Funny…$150 million swayed on that single play with state side and off shore betting. That’s a LOT of money that got lost on one butchered play.

  2. Dude Says:

    Lame. Try putting up the frame where Tate’s right hand was initally on Jenning’s wrist, not the ball. Then put up the frame where Tate took his hand off the wrist to brace his fall….and then put up the frame where Tate put his right hand on the ball for the first time.

    Your “Tate with two hands on the ball” comment is the product of your wishing what had happened, not what did happen.

  3. Jryan Says:

    The first picture shows Tate’s left hand on the ball and right hand on Jenning’s arm. What you are seeing as Tate’s right hand is actually Jenning’s. this can clearly be seen from the other angles.

  4. joe Says:

    It is a touchdown for the hawks… http://www.picvalley.net/v.php?p=u/2573/66075987113562960331348806818kIMIaBGtcLG2bvM6Ve8Z.JPG

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