Vickyg’s NFL Grade “A” Top 5 Draft Report Card

April 27, 2009 |

1.  A+ Bears. Why are they my #1 when they didn’t even pick in the first or second round? They got the best bang for their buck. DT Jaron “jump out the pool” Gilbert was the best player taken on day 2, they stole a monster right out of the lab with him. Under veteran tutelage he will be a top 3 favorite for defensive rookie, WR Juaquin Iglesias will be an immediate threat in Jay Cutler’s arsenal. They stole DE Henry Melton who would have been a second round pick, if not for his DUI. Early in the season, for community service, he visited a boy that was crippled by a drunk driver and the result of that visit scared him straight. Late round pick WR Johnny Knox and his 4.34 speed could be a nice replacement for routes run by Bernard Berrian. Finally, LB Marcus Freeman, with the help of Lance Briggs, will be a nice back up for the veteran LB.

2.  A+ Ravens.The Wizard that is OZ! Newsome’s become a Hall of Fame Drafter as well as a player. Michael Oher, any guy who didn’t tear up at his story is from the planet Vulcan. He will take the place of Ogden and be remembered as one of the top 5 best picks in the 2009 draft. DE Paul Kruger is another great pick to add to the aging defense. CB Ladarius Webb at 5’9 could  be a good kick returner, TE Devon Drew at 6-foot-4, 249 pounds ran a 4.8, has good hands and can block. Maryland raised, he could be next in line over L.J. Smith. ILB Jason Phillips and RB Cedric Pearman were talent taken over need, business as usual for The OZ.

3.  A+ Jets.Rex Ryan is more aggressive than a hungry Lion chasing a three legged Antelope. Before the draft he’s stalking his prey, Bart Scott, outside his house at midnight. During the draft, Cinco de Mayo came early for Rex by moving up to get QB Matt Sanchez. Staying aggressive, Rex Ryan gave up three picks to get Iowa RB Shonn Greene who was second in the nation in rushing yards and has a nose for the end zone with 20 TD’s in 2008. At 5’11, 235 pounds, his 37 inch vertical and 4.6 second speed will get him in the end zone by land or by air.

4.  A+ Patriots. Like usual, the Pats were the most active with seven trades and TWELVE draft picks. The only reason they’re #4 and not #1 is they still need OLB help and CB Darius Butler won’t be ready to fill the shoes of Veteran CB Ellis Hobbs who was dealt away. That said, six of their twelve draft picks were in rounds 2 & 3, which made great sense since this was considered a weak draft. All twelve drafted will be signed at below market value and they’ll either fit in or make great trade bait because of their “value” contract. 

5. A- Colts.RB Donald Brown of Uconn is good enough to challenge or share time with Joseph Addai. Picking a Trojan on and off the field is always a good idea. DT Fili Moala will be a great run defender and like most USC players could easily start the first game of the season. The only real problem is unlike the Steelers, the Colts will not recover from the loss of Tony Dungy. The chemistry he had with Peyton Manning, was like they were kindred spirits, and will affect Peyton for the rest of his career. The Colts will not win another Superbowl with Peyton.

The Giants, Packers, Jags, Eagles and Vikings were all  B+’s and my 6-10. The Steelers were too, but they didn’t really need anything, they just picked for the future. Which means they’ll unload some good talent in the next 2 years when it’s time to pay them, and use the picks from now to re-up with the players they let go. Business as usual for the Steelers, always solid draft picks.

The all time loser, again was the Raiders.  Al Davis should be committed to a mental institution, there’s more than enough evidence to put him away for the rest of his days. Give him the 70’s version of the table top game Electronic Football and let him paint all the players and then draft whoever he wants.