We All Love a Good List…well here are some lists…

November 10, 2008 |


As the NFL clears the bye weeks hurdle after tonight’s game…time to start looking around a bit.

Top 5 Teams in the NFL:

1.      Tennessee Titans

2.      NY Giants

3.      Pittsburgh Steelers

4.      Carolina Panthers

5.      Baltimore Ravens

With the First pick in the 2009 NFL Draft:

1.      Detroit Lions

2.      Kansas City Chiefs

3.      Cincinnati Bengals

4.      Oakland Raiders

5.      St. Louis Rams

Fans Fantasy Football’s AFC Playoff Teams:


1.      Tennessee Titans

2.      San Diego Chargers

3.      New England Patriots

4.      Pittsburgh Steelers

5.      Indianapolis Colts

6.      Baltimore Ravens


1.      Arizona Cardinals

2.      Carolina Panthers

3.      NY Giants

4.      Minnesota Vikings

5.      Atlanta Falcons

6.      Philadelphia Eagles

Top 5 Rookies of the year:

1.      Matt Ryan

2.      Joe Flacco

3.      Matt Forte

4.      Chris Johnson

5.      Eddie Royal

Fantasy Football MVP TOP 5:

1.      Drew Brees

2.      Kurt Warner

3.      Andre Johnson

4.      Adrian Peterson

5.      Clinton Portis

5 Top Fantasy Football Busts of 2008:

1.      Derek Anderson

2.      Ben Roethlisberger

3.      Joseph Addai

4.      Tory Holt

5.      Chad Johnson

Top 5 2009 Seniors in the NFL Draft:

1.      Rey Maualuga LB, USC

2.      Mickael Oher OT, Ole Miss

3.      James Laurinaitis, LB, Ohio State

4.      Eugene Monroe OT, Virginia

5.      William Moore S, Missouri

Top Underclassmen Maybe coming out:

1.      Matthew Stafford QB, Georgia

2.      Andre Smith OT, Alabama

3.      Vontae Davis CB, Illinois

4.      Michael Crabtree WR, Texas Tech

5.      KnowShon Moreno RB, Georgia

Some Ravens Notes:

Rest of the season works this way:

Win 1 of 2 against NY Giants and the Eagles…win 7

Beat Cincy …win 8

Win 1 of 2 against Washington and Dallas…win 9

Win 1 of 2 against Pittsburgh and Jacksonville…win 10…who would have thunk!

Key to the Ravens as I say every week is simple…you must get pressure on the opposing QB and protect yours. Do that and it will not matter who our WR’s are or who our Secondary has left!!!

Figure out the kicking game…egos need to be checked…no reason to have Stover ever try a 50 yard FG with another kicker on the roster.

Coach Harbaugh, please figure out the challenge system…when to and not to…please.