We won’t REALLY know until next November…

April 29, 2007 | Drew Forrester

…but if their track record means anything to you – it certainly means a lot to me – than you have to imagine the Ravens did just fine yesterday on Day 1 of the ’07 NFL Draft.

Ben Grubbs is clearly a solid pick and he helps bolster an offensive line that will shortly (within a year or two) find itself without Ogden and Flynn.  He seems like a quality guy as well…and that’s important to the Ravens – as it should be to you.

The trade out of the 2nd round, the pick of Figurs, Yanda, etc….who knows what any of that means right now?  Again, I have two words for you:  TRACK-RECORD.

We’ll know for sure by mid-season if all of that Day 1 maneuvering was worth it, but keep in mind there’s Day 2 to come today and you can expect the Ravens will land another one or two players who will wind up fitting in quite nicely in 2007.

Haven’t had a whole of time to digest what went on yesterday, but here are my first-blush thoughts on Round 1:

> Calvin Johnson to Detroit – unfortunately, by no fault of his own, Johnson is about a 77% chance to be a bust now that the Lions have invested in him.  Poor guy.

> Joe Thomas to Cleveland – give Phil Savage credit, this was THE best guy for his team, albeit not the “sexiest” pick he could have made.  I don’t put much stock in Brady Quinn so I don’t know that I’m all jacked-up about their first round wheelings and dealings but Thomas is going to be really good for a long time.  Even in Cleveland…

> Gaines Adams to Tampa Bay – Boy, did Tampa Bay make the right pick at the right time.  This kid is going to be a wrecking machine right away.  Teams will now not be so quick to throw the ball against the Bucs with Adams bearing down on their QB.

> Ted Ginn, Jr. to Miami – Does Ginn’s dad work for the team?  This was the BEST the Dolphins could do with the 9th pick in the draft?

> Leon Hall to Cincinnati – This was a nice pick for the Bengals at #18.  They knew they were going to get Revis (Jets), Hall or Aaron Ross and they need defensive backfield help – so any of those three were a home run.  Nice, safe, solid selection on Hall.

> Joe Staley to San Francisco – Mike Nolan and those rat finks in San Francisco pulled off a Round 1 deal with the Patriots and got Staley one pick before the Ravens would have selected him.  Staley, coupled with Patrick Willis (#11), gives the 49’ers a very good first day.  In fact, it could be a franchise-changing first day.  But did they give up too much (next year’s #1) to get Staley?  We’ll see.

All in all, an interesting, fun, first day of the draft.

By the way, I hit on 6 of my 32 picks in the mock draft I posted on Friday.

I correctly picked these players going to their respective teams:  JaMarcus Russell (Oakland), Levi Brown (Arizona), Lawrence Timmons (Pittsburgh), Aaron Ross (NY Giants), Jarvis Moss (Broncos) and Dwayne Bowe (Chiefs).

Not bad, for someone who studies the draft for about a month…lol

Oh, I almost forgot.  What did the Orioles do Saturday night in Cleveland?

Edit:  I just checked…the O’s won, 7-4.  The Indians are playing the game “under protest”?  We used to do that in Little League all the time when we found out the other team was using a kid who also played for Harundale. 

Have a great Sunday!