Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

September 16, 2008 | Thyrl Nelson

  1. Dallas Cowboys – (2-0) – Tony Romo hasn’t done well under pressure so far in his young career. With the focus off of the New England Patriots, Romo better prepare for a full season under the big microscope.
  2. New York Giants – (2-0) – The defending champs are off to a great start, we’ll see if they can keep it together when the competition gets a little better.
  3. Carolina Panthers – (2-0) – Off to a 2-0 start with victories over what appear to be good teams, and they’ll get arguably their best player back next week.
  4. Green Bay Packers – (2-0) – The defense is for real despite their second half collapse against Detroit, and the receiving corps is doing a good job of making Rodgers feel comfortable. We’ll see if Ryan Grant can get it going.
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers – (2-0) – The top AFC team is at #5, my how the mighty have fallen. With New England, Indianapolis and San Diego all having problems of their own, Pittsburgh looks like the best of the usual suspects.
  6. Denver Broncos – (2-0) – Blown call or not, Denver is on top of the AFC West and Jay Cutler appears to be coming into his own. You’d expect the Broncos’ running game to catch up soon.
  7. Philadelphia Eagles – (1-1) – The Eagles appear to have a lot of tough ones on the schedule this season, they’d better be able to finish better than they did on Monday night.
  8. Indianapolis Colts – (1-1) – The Colts defense looks like they’re back to the 2006 regular season, and the offense has been horrible too. But after 6 ½ quarters to warm up, the Colts seemed to find their groove. We’ll see if it carries into next week.
  9. Buffalo Bills – (2-0) – The Bills are off to a great start and the AFC East appears to be up for grabs for the first time in a long time. Those were playoff teams from last season that the Bills have disposed of thus far.
  10. Tennessee Titans – (2-0) – How the Titans handle the Vince Young situation will be a huge factor in their success this season. Jeff Fischer’s job gets a whole lot tougher when his franchise QB is healthy enough to return.
  11. San Diego Chargers – (0-2) – Winless or not, they have two last second losses to two apparently pretty good teams, safe money says the Chargers are in it at the end. The question is whether Norv Turner will still be at the helm.
  12. Arizona Cardinals – (2-0) – It’s tough to argue with a perfect start and you can’t apologize for your schedule. Just when you thought it was safe to write of Kurt Warner………..
  13. New England Patriots – (2-0) – Reports of the Patriots demise may have been greatly exaggerated, but they still have a QB with one more start than me in college and the pros combined.
  14. Chicago Bears – (1-1) – It’s a pretty low spot considering how they’ve played and whom, but the Bears will struggle when their opponents are able to stop the running game.
  15. Tampa Bay Bucs – (1-1) – The Bucs may be wasting one of the better overall teams in football trying to settle on an adequate QB. Ravens fans should feel familiar with that situation.
  16. New York Jets – (1-1) – Time will tell how Favre is able to do in this offense, for now the Pats were ripe for the picking and the Jets just weren’t ready to step up.
  17. Washington Redskins – (1-1) – The Redskins could be dangerous once they digest Zorn’s offense, but in a division full of contenders, they may stay under the radar.
  18. New Orleans Saints – (1-1) – These Saints may be Jekyll and Hyde all season. Beating them may just be a matter of catching them on the right week, when they’re clicking though the offense is still top notch.
  19. Jacksonville Jaguars – (0-2) – They’re not dead yet but the Jags let a couple of games get away that they’ll be kicking themselves for later this season. An 0-2 start in any division is awful, but in the AFC South it could be an early exit from the playoff hunt.
  20. Minnesota Vikings – (0-2) – This was supposed to be a legitimate Superbowl contender, so far they’ve looked like anything but. Offensively they simply look lost unless AD is getting to the second level. They look like they need McKinnie back in a big way.
  21. Cleveland Browns – (0-2) – Everyone expected the Browns to struggle on defense, but the slow start on offense suggests that this may be more then just a bump in the road.
  22. Baltimore Ravens – (1-0) – The week 2 bye leaves the Ravens with a difficult road ahead. It also forces Joe Flacco into his first ever road start in Heinz Field. Let the trial by fire begin.
  23. Seattle Seahawks – (0-2) – Fortunately for the Seahawks they probably play in the most winnable division in football. Unfortunately for the Seahawks they don’t seem to be able to get out for their own way.
  24. San Francisco 49ers – (1-1) – JT O’Sullivan is quietly getting his feet under him in this offense and Frank Gore can be a 25+ carries per game back. If the defense can get back to what was expected of them last year, the Niners could become the league’s most dangerous draw.
  25. Atlanta Falcons – (1-1) – The Falcons’ offense probably isn’t quite as good as they looked in week 1 or quite as bad as they did in week 2. Call it a work in progress.
  26. Oakland Raiders – (1-1) – Okay, so they’re not the worst team in football, but they probably are the worst team in football with a win.
  27. Detroit Lions – (0-2) – It’s good news for fantasy owners when the Lions come to town, and as long as they continue to give up big points, they’ll stay wide open offensively too.
  28. Houston Texans – (1-0) – Add 15 straight weeks of football to the list of obstacles that the Texans will have to overcome to get into the playoffs out of the ultra talented AFC South.
  29. Cincinnati Bengals – (0-2) – Remember when Marvin Lewis was the savior in Cincinnati? How long can an NFL coach survive on a single playoff appearance? With all that’s happened under his watch there, it seems like just a matter of time.
  30. Miami Dolphins – (0-2) – They’ll get more than one win this season, likely not many more, but still more than one.
  31. Kansas City Chiefs – (0-2) – Is there a single player on the offense or defense that you could hope to have as a cornerstone of your franchise? Time to get back to the drawing board in KC.
  32. St. Louis Rams – (0-2) – There may not be a worse defense in the league, and offensively the Rams have lost a lot of luster too. Unbelievably, the Rams seem to be on a downward spiral since firing Mike Martz.